Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Action Replayy

I am sure many readers would be waiting for this post. Well, yes, this post is indeed very special. Shreya has sung two solos in an upcoming movie “Action Replayy” starring Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar. Music has been composed by Pritam.

Firstly, lets talk about the song which is making waves around music lovers. Its titled “O Bekhabar”. It runs for 4 minutes 28 seconds. The song is already very well promoted. After seeing the picturization of the song, I got reminded of Wada Raha from Khakee, though this song doesn’t have any similarity with Wada Raha. It’s a very very beautiful track. The song has a lot of romance and happiness. Again, Shreya sounds angelic in the song. As we already know, her voice suits perfectly on Aishwarya Rai. It starts with Shreya singing the lines “O Bekhabar O Bekadar… “ followed by a mesmerizing tune played on santoor(hope I am correct). Shreya starts again at 0:47. I don’t have words to praise this track.Pure bliss has been poured into this song. Its very divine and beautiful. Its one of the best tracks of 2010. The lyrics are very well written by Irshad Kamil. Please please do not miss this track at any cost!! I really hope that Shreya gets lots of awards for this song next year.No siger could have done justice to the feel of this song other than Shreya.

Next and the last song is "Baaki Main Bhool Gayi". It has a retro kinda feel in it. Its a short track having duration of 3 minutes 43 seconds. Its a song in which the girl is explaining her condition after falling in love. It starts with a punjabi type music which contunues in the song till the end. Its a very unique song which I've never heard before. It also has a lot of 70s flavor and do I need to say anything about Shreya? She is rocking as usual. The antaras are very beautifully made. The way the ryhthm goes smoothly in the antara is very appealing but I don't understand why the same antara is repeated twice in the song.Overall, nice track!

Hats off to Shreya and Pritam for giving us O Bekhabar. Amazing!!


sitanshu satpathy said...

song's really great..
hey to b frank now i m hving goosebumps,, which songs wuld be getting awards.... though awards are nothing in front of her...
bt this year i thing there wuld be only shreya's song in award nominations .....
o bekhabar
aankhoen mein neendein
pal mein mila jahan
chori kiya re jiya

and many more sorry if i missed any.

hats off to
shreya ghoshal the ultimate queen of music

Sehrinaz said...


This time I totally agree with what you've written. Specially the part that 'Shreya's voice suits perfectly on Aishwarya Rai' My two diva's are together again and they are creating magic everytime. What can I wish more. Devdas, Khakee, Guru, Robot, Raavan. All were hits & now back together in Action Replayy. I always say: Aishwarya is the body and Shreya is the voice. Hope the see them more :)

Anonymous said...

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