Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eyi Raja

I am here to write about a recent Telugu song of Shreya from the movie “Brindavanam”. The music of the film is composed by Thaman S and Shreya has alsso worked with him before in Jayeebhava (Telugu). Lets come to the song now.

The song is titled “Eyi Raja” and its a duet by our Shreya and Shankar Mahadevan, though there are some vocals in the starting by some other singer. The song starts with a folkish singing by a male singer and Shreya starts with her versatile voice and then , the beats follows. The song falls in the same category of Okkasari from Jayeebhava. I like the way Thaman manages the instrumentation. Shankar Mahadaevan has also done a great job. The interludes are fab. The song is a nice blend of peppy and folk flavor. Shreya, like always rocks! :)

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Sehrinaz said...

Hi Nishant,

Amazing intro of Shreya. I hear a maturaty in Shreya's voice, being from a sweet voice she sings now like a rockstar should. I loved the tempo of the song. Nice duo with Shankar. Instruments are used well, can't find an insrument that is not used well. Sounds good to my ear.

Verdict: don't miss it.