Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Neeyum Naanum - Mynaa (Tamil)

Finally, here comes a new Tamil track of Shreya. I think it’s the first time that I am continuously posting so many posts one after another. Anyway, coming back to the track, its titled “Neeyum Naanum” sung by Shreya and Benny Dayal. Music has been composed by D.Imman. Shreya earlier sang Unnaimathiri and Aaradi for D.Imman which will always be one of my favorite Tamil songs by her.

The track has a duration of approximtely 5 minutes. Its a very very beautiful melody and has a carnatic music flavor to it. Shreya sounds angelic as usual. The moment the interlude starts at 1:23, you know that its an D.Imman composition! Benny has done good job but his voice is quite harsh in some places. I liked the way Shreya sang small alaaps at the background when Benny ends the first stanza. The second interlude is unbeleivably brilliant.Its a perfect blend of carnatic and light western music. The second stanza starts after a beautiful flute piece. The ending of the song is brilliant, supported with shehnai and Shreya singhing alaap at the background. Every song which Shreya has sung for D.Imman is brilliant and unique in its own way!!

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Sehrinaz said...


Another great creative piece of work, but didn't like Benny when he sings loud, miss the way he singed in 'Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi' Music a well composed a little rock & a little carnatic. Shehnai is used fabulous, music comes more alive with it. The alaap's of Shreya are amazing, she's the best in singing alaaps. You can hear that Shreya is enjoying singing the song. Shreya has an enjoyable attitude in this song. Great work Shreya.