Friday, October 29, 2010

Shreya wins "The Central European Bollywood Award"

As I told on Twitter, Shreya has won “The Bollywood European Bollywood Award” for Zoobi Doobi. This is her first award for this song.

Hearty Congratulations to Shreya :)

God Bless her always

ps: A very special post coming tomorrow..So, stay tuned!!


sk said...

How about starting a recollection of Shreya's old songs, i mean early in her career. Here's one : from Okkadu movie

Nishant said...

Hi Sk,

I am trying to add some more new features in this blog.

appu said...

congratulation to Shreya

sk said...

Hey Nishant do add in the google search. It will come in handy because it may be a tad exhausting to browse all pages and your website size is growing fast.