Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dabi Dabi Khwahishein - Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun

Finally, I am writing about one of my recent favorite song of Shreya. Its from the movie “Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun”. Music has been composed by Nikhil.

The song is titled “Dabi Dabi Khwahishein”. It has three versions, one is a solo, other is a duet and third one is sung by three singers which involve Shreya, Shaan & Farhad Bhiwandiwala. So, better we talk about the solo because in the other two versions, Shreya’s lines from the solo have just been dragged and dropped!

The track runs for 6 minutes 47 seconds.Its an awesome melody sung beautifully by Shreya. The song has a slight western flavor. It has some English lyrics sung by Shreya which is the major part of the song. Its a feel good song. The way Shreya sings "Main to anjaan thi...tune awaaz di..dil ko udaan ko tune parwaaz di" is truly fabulous!!There is a ray of hope and happiness in the lyrics. The first interlude is awesome supported by electric guitar. The antaras are perfectly made. I liked the way Shreya ended the word "odh loon" with a classical touch. The song has both romantic and western flavor. It has three antaras. The second interlude is again an masterpiece supported by saxaphone. Second interlude has some amazing urdu words and note the way Shreya sings "tera hi sama" at 4:18. The last stanza has a beautiful alaap by a chorus singer ad then, Shreya starts with the antara.I am completely in love with this song. Hope no one will miss it!!

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Sehrinaz said...


Almost 7 min enjoying of Shreya's voice is amazing. It's a lovely feel good music, makes me listen it again and again. Like u Nishant I liked the part "Main to anjaan thi.." U don't realise when 6.47 are passed away. I love it when Shreya plays with her voice. Verdict is a great piece of work.