Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tu Hi Tu Hai - Ramayana

This is the post regarding Shreya’s new duet song in an upcoming animated movie “Ramayana – The Epic”. The song is titled “Tu Hi Tu Hai”. Music by “Shaarang Dev Pandit”. It’s a duet by Shreya and KK.

The song runs for 6 minutes 47 seconds. It’s a very sweet romantic songs with nice rhyming lyrics. The starting interlude continues for oen and a half minutes approximately. Shreya sounds sweet as usual. The nice thing about the song is that lyrics are simple, yet very impressive. Many “shudh hindi words’” are used which we rarely get to hear these days. The song runs very smoothly with a “feel good” effect. The antaras are very sweet supported by Tabla. I just love when Shreya sings “sundar chavi hridaya basi..darpan hua rom rom dekhoon bas tujhe”. Whenever I hear this song, I get a big smile on my face which every Shreya song brings on my face anyway ;).

Do not miss this song pals!!

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