Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lag Ja Gale - Hisss

Since last one and a half years, I was aware that Shreya has sung in Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss – The Nagin. As the title of the movie suggests, the movie is all about snakes. There has been many movies based on Nag and Nagin. Lets see what this song has in its kitty!!

Finally, the Shreya – Anu combo is back after the beautiful “Kyun from Kambakkht Ishq”.As the movie is about snakes, so the song would be composed accordingly. The song falls in the same category of the very famous nahin tracck "Main teri dushman". The track has a duration of 6 minutes and its a solo by Shreya with some chorus singing. The track starts with the same evergreen nagin tune supported by nagada and dholak. Shreya starts with the song at 0:54. It has a haunting feel to it. The feel in Shreya's voice is amazing. I won't say that the song has antaras, but it has many phases. The theme changes when the theme changes from a haunging track to a romantic track at 2:24 and this is my most favorite part of the song and then, the song comes back to its original level again. It has chorus singers reciting prayers in the second interlude. The tempo of the song increases at the end and the song is already promoted but not quite well. Hope the song gets its due.

ps: The song also has another version by Sunidhi Chauhan and I am sorry but I didn't like that version at all. Shreya's version is pure bliss!!


sitanshu satpathy said...

hey bro
truly anu malik and shreya combo is back and i hope with a bang,, its already being famous in tv s,, and lets hope it becomes a huge hit.

also did n't like sunidhi's version

Sehrinaz said...


I fell in love when I heard the song. Every time I think how will Shreya sing better than she alredy does, but she amazes me everytime again. Music is wanderful and Shreya has singed it ablsolutely amazing. You can hear the hope & happiness she has waiting for her lover and dances for him. This one will be a hit. I listened to Sunidhi's version too, the difference is that Sunidhi has to sing the sad & dark part, the character has loosed her hope unlike Shreya's character. I listened to both versions at same time and it crates a impressive pice of work.

Nishant said...

I seriously do not understand hw u found Sunidhi's version as a sad one!! Rather Shreya's one has a lil sadness

Sehrinaz said...

I felt the pain dear that's why :) I still like Sunidhi's version, but can't be compared with Shreya's version ofcourse.

Rohit said...

this song and a few more songs are just awesome. i downloaded both shreya's and sunidhi's versiuon of this song. but guys shreya make the song so live for me at least who haven't seen the movie but i could easily feel malika or some kind of divine power in her voice. shreya you are a true singer. be just like that best of luck for the future.