Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jhootha Hee Sahi

I know its been more than two weeks that I posted something in my blog. Thanks to my Ipod which was in service centre and I seriously cannot write about a song without hearing it in my Ipod. I am addicted to hear songs only through earphones now. Anyway, without wasting more time, let me proceed with my real work! :)

As you already know, Shreya has sung two songs in Abbas Tyrewala's Jhootha Hi Sahi….one solo and other being a duet which is topping the charts nowadays.Lets talk about the duet first!

The duet song is titled "Cry Cry".Its sung by Shreya and Rashid Ali.I even posted the trailer of this song in one of the previous posts. It’s a mixture of both a fun and a romantic track. The good thing is that the song is promoted very well and its already a chartbuster. The beats in the starting are very impressive. The song has a very soothing effect. This is a song which will be liked by every music lover. The guitar piece in the first interlude is quite nice but Rashid’s voice never impressed me much. Shreya rocks like always. The moment she enters the song, she takes the song to another outstanding level. She has sung her lines very cutely and finally the song is ended with sweet vocals of Shreya.

Next song is a solo by Shreya, with some chorus part by Suzzane. Its titled “Pam Pa Ra”. The song is not yet promoted well and I hope it gets promoted soon. I can call the song as Lattoo – Part 2. As we know, Shreya is the most versatile singer and she can sing any type of song easily and this song is again a slap on few critics. It’s a fun song and as usual, Shreya does justice to it.Its a unique experiment by Rahman.

Hope you all will like the tracks!

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Sehrinaz said...

Hellow :

I want to write something about your 2 posts

"Cry cry" It's an impressive song, you start swinging to moment you hear. Voice of Rashid Ali has suited John well. A little Jazz is into it as well. The starts Shreya sing and I am swinging more. Lovely music on the background they are not dominating the singers. At 4.03 min you hear Shreya laughing :)"

"Pam pa ra"
The moment it starts it gets my attention. Then the voice of Shreya
is outstanding through the whole song. Loved the intro. I don't think it's a second Lattoo, or Barso Re, maybe the beginning. Those 2 songs had AR Rehman as composer difference is big then. This one is more a 'twist' song. But I do agree with u that Shreya takes the song to another outstanding level.

Thanks for your post.