Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Piriter Eto Jala Re - Bejonma

Next post is about a new Bangla track of Shreya from the movie “Bejonma”.Its composed by Bappi Lahiri. It’s a duet by Shreya and the composer himself.

To be frank, I am not a fan of Bappi Lahiri’s music but this song is fabulous. I had to check whether it was really composed by him. The song is so haunting and I still cannot get over it. The song starts with a haunting piece played on flute.Then, Bappi Lahiri starts with the song singing in high pitch. Shreya starts singing in the first antara. Just hear Eyi Raja and this song back to back, you will get to know that Shreya is the best in modulating voice. Thats the real singer! The interludes are well composed. Shreya’s humming at the end gives me big goosebumps. Hope you all will not miss this song..

Ps: More posts coming tomorrow.


Sehrinaz said...

Hi :)

Listened to the song. That Bappi can't sing he ruind the song. Do u think he's aware that he has a horrible voice in this song? His voice just doesn't suit the song. This soo Shreya's style. It's a mysterious muzik and none other than Shreya can express it. She actually saves Bappi from falling down. I wonder with wich emotions/feelings Shreya sung this song. It's soo beatiful. A true star.

sandeep said...

not listen the song till. Your post compelling me to hear. You have good Knowledge in Music and share it with us. thank you.