Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unalagai Kondai - Ooh La La Laa !!

Hi friends.I am a little late in posting about Unnalagai Konda in my blog.Was rocking the fanclub in Twitter actually ;). I guess I am going to write some 4-5 posts now.Lets start with Unnalagai Konda only.

I heard the song the same day it got released and also posted it in the fanclub but couldn't write a review the same day.Anyway , the song is from the movie "Ooh La La Laa". Music is composed by Sekhar Chandra & V Kumar( .Has they composed this song together?).This is the first time that Shreya has sung for them. The song is not like the usual Tamil tracks which Shreya has sung so far.The song falls in the category of Oru Varthai by Shreya (but Unalagai Konda is slow when compared to Oru Varthai).The track runs for 4 minutes 15 seconds.Its a slow peppy number supported with western beats and traditional instruments (hope you got in which category does the song falls in). It starts with a beautiful interlude played on flute and, I rewind the song again and again, just to hear this interlude. This beautiful piece also repeats in the second interlude. The stanzas are perfectly made to suit the theme of the song.I liked the little modulation Shreya has made here.Hope you'll like the track.

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