Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Endhiran/ Yanthram/ Robot

Finally, the music of the most awaited movie “Endhiran” releases and as you all must be knowing that Shreya has a song in it and music has been composed by The Mozart of Madras AR Rahman. This movie has been dubbed in Tamil , Telugu & Hindi. In Tamil , the song is titled Kadhal Anakkul (sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Vijay Prakash). In Telugu, its Neelo Valapu ( again sung by Shreya & Vijay) and lastly in Hindi , its titled “Pyaara Tera Ghussa Bhi” ( sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Mohit Chauhan).Since the movie has been dubbed in three languages , the tune would be same in all the three languages!! So if we talk about the Telugu version or Tamil version , it means the same. But I wonder if Hindi version has some changes because they have not released it yet.Anyway , if there will be any changes , I will inform you.Lets come to the song now.

The track runs for 5 minutes 45 seconds. It starts with a techno kind of a tune followed by a tune played on Guitar. Vijay starts with the song first. Its a romantic song with techno feel (as the movie is all about robots and science). Since , its an AR Rahman composition , so you are going to think 10 times before writing anything about the track.It has AR Rahman stamp all over. I liked the way the beats started after Vijay ended the line "azhagin mutram neeya" at 0:57. Shreya starts at 1:13 and the background beats are very impressive.Her lines in the starting are not so easy and as usual, she sang it very easily. I guess , Rahman has used less of instruments and more of technology in this track. Shreya sounds extremely sweet when she renders "Odukira Thanniyil Thanniyil Oxygen Mika Athigam" in the first antara. The second interlude is very impressive and it sounds completely unique. The starting lines of the last antara has been sung by Shreya and she amazingly modulated her voice to suit the theme of the song . The best thing which I liked about the track is Shreya’s wonderful hummings at the end. The way she renders “Anbe” is very cute. Overall , one of the best tamil songs of Shreya.


Tusshar said...

Heard Kadhal Anakkul !!!

OMG !!! It's a song to die for.... Shreya rocks yet again. :)

A R RAHMAN take a bow ...

Sehrinaz said...

2 people I love the most (Shreya and Aishwarya) are 2gether again, this will be an absulute plesure to watch. The track is uniek and Shreya pulled it up again. Whit every song she mananges to sound different, explores more and takes the song to mother level. The sweetness in her voice is a special treat. I liked the Hindi version but it's worth to listen to both languages.

Anonymous said...

Nishant - hi, first let me commend you for the outstanding work you are doing with this blog. I am French and live in Belgium, so following music releases from Shreya, whom I have learnt to appreciate a lot (she has her own playlist in my MP3 player), is obviously a difficult thing. I started liking her with Bollywood songs, but thanks to your blog also discovered her in many other ventures and only regret that some of the nice songs which are less mainstream cannot be downloaded from major online music platforms. Your blog helps a lot, and the translations are also great, as my broken Hindi is OK but I cannot start learning so many other languages! Keep it up!

Regarding Robot, it seems the music has been released and that the song is now called "Pagal Anukan". I'll be eagerly waiting for your wisdom on that one 8^)

Cheers, Florent

Nishant said...

Hi Florent,

First of all I welcome you to my blog..Its really nice to see new people coming and appreciating the blog :)

And regarding Pagal Anukkan, the only difference between Kadhal Anukkal and Pagal Anukkan is the language..so do you still want me to write a separate post for that? :)

Anonymous said...

As you said, you'd write about it if there are differences... so I guess no need! Looking forward to the next postings and thanks for the warm welcome 8^)