Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shreya's concert in Hyderabad

As you all know , Shreya recently performed at Hyderabad on August 1st.I am posting some of the videos of that concert. Infact , Shreya sang her latest superhit track “Dochey” live at the concert.Don’t miss to watch that video!

Shreya singing Dochey:

Shreya singing Zoobi Doobi:

Shreya’s interview taken backstage in Hyderabad:


Tusshar said...

It's a skill to rock a stage....and many singers are yet to master that skill.

I believe Shreya is already a master in that field.


Sehrinaz said...

I'm watchin again, again and again. Doesn't bore one watching over and over. I told you when the song 'Dochey' came out that Shreya should sing the whole song, this the proof of it. She look georgeus on stage, you can see that it's her place to be. Can't find words to describe our queen, just enjoy it people!!

Anonymous said...

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Nishant said...

Its my pleasure :)

Glad that my blog could help u in some way! :)


Keep Visiting :)


A good news for all the hyderabadis don't miss the chance of catching Shreya Ghoshal live on Jan 14th 2011 at Novotel-HICC, Hyderabad.

Shreya Ghoshal

Varun said...

Enjoy live musical concert of Shreya Ghoshal, on January 14th 2011 at Novotel-HICC, Hyderabad. The voice of Shreya Ghoshal is what every one loves to hear.

sai kiran said...

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