Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ishq Hai Ye - Thakita Thakita (Telugu)

Its been too long that I posted in the blog. This college life has screwed all my schedules. But still, whatever happens, I don’t forget to post in the blog because that has become the most major part of my life. So, here I am with her new Telugu track “Ishq Hai Ye” (yes, its titled in Hindi).

The track is a sung by Shreya and Prasanna ( who also sang the beautiful Unnai Ninaithaen with our nightingale). Music has been composed by Bobo Shashi. The track runs for 5 minutes. It begins with a beautiful harmony by Shreya followed by a short alaap.Then, the chorus begins singing “Ishq Hai Ye”. I can relate this song with Tere Naina from CC2C as the antaras of both the songs are fast supported with techno music (You'll understand what I mean after hearing the track).Shreya truly sounds angelic and the interludes are simply mindblowing. The first interlude begins with a harmony by Shreya followed a beautiful piece played on Harmonium and Tabla in Qawalli style. I liked the way Shreya added "hmm haan" in the antara. The second interlude has a mesmerizing piece played on saxaphone. Prasanna has given good support to Shreya. The starting line " Kannulake Kalava Kalava" is so beautifully sung by Shreya. I am hearing this song atleast 10 times a day. A very rich composition by Bobo Shashi and ofcourse, awesome singing by Shreya and Prasanna as well.

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