Friday, August 27, 2010

Kannalli Kannittu Nodu - Bindaas Hudugi

Hi friends.I am again back with my new post. This time its about a Kannada song titled "Kannalli Kannittu Nodu" from the movie "Bindaas Hugugi". The song was released after Pancharangi but I'll write about it after this post.

Anyway, coming back to the song, its been sung by Shreya and Tippu and composed by Yarra Ramesh (never heard about him before).

Its a melody which runs for 4 minutes 30 seconds.It starts with a tune played on flute.Its a simple romantic song supported by usual common beats used in most of the Kannada songs.Shreya does a splendid, as usual. There is a beautiful harmony by Shreya after the mukhda.Tippu has given good support to Shreya but I never found his voice attractive or mesmerizing. Yarra Ramesh has done quite a good job with the instrumentation. I have nothing more to say about this song.Overall, its a nice track.

ps: I know I've been very late in writing about Pancharangi and you all know that I couldn't post it because of my busy college schedule and I seriously can't write anything in a hurry and specially, when its about the wonderful combo of Shreya - Mano Murthy - Yograj Bhatt, then I don't want to take risk!So, my next post will be of Pancharangi followed by the deluge of posts including one about a Hindi song!

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