Friday, October 2, 2009

Okkasari - Jayee Bhava

Finally,a telugu song by Shreya releases after Mogindi Jeganta.This time,she sings a duet with Karthik in the movie “Jayee Bhava”.The song is titled “Okkasari” and music is composed by Thaman S. I am not sute if Shreya has worked with him earlier.Lets come to the song.

The track runs for 4 and a half minutes.The track is a full on peppy number.You will hear a different Shreya here.Shreya proves her versatility again.The song starts with a peppy sargam(a new name introduced by me :P) by Shreya and then Kartik contunies with the song.The track has got a lot of energy.Shreya has rocked the song and Kartik has also given a good company to Shreya.Though you'll see Shreya in a different avtar(mood) in the song but you get to hear a beautiful alaap in the second interlude by her.Some hindi lyrics are also used in the song.Don't get confused because the lines "Maahi Maahi ve...." starting from 2:21 are not sung by Shreya.I have only this much to say about the song.Hats off to the Versatile Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal !!!!

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