Friday, October 9, 2009

Golden Comment

I am not talking about any comment in my blog .I am talking about a very special comment which I got yesterday from none other than the Nightingale “Shreya Ghoshal” herself. It was 12:15 am (9th October) when I was watching Shreya’s Yuva Dasara performance that I suddenly I opened my Twitter Account and saw an unexpected comment by the Nightingale.Let me write the comment here:

Thanks nishant. I have at times read ur blog too. U seem to be always the first one to know abt all my new releases:)”

This was a message from a Guru to a student.This was her 8th reply to me.I got very emotional after reading this.I have always waited for Shreya’s comment and her comment is not only a comment but an encouragement to move further in my life.

Shreya,you are one of the few persons whom I respect more than my life.I mean it.You are God.

May Shiva Bless u always :)



Nikita said... sweet Nissh :) Its really great dat she replies 2 u...m sure ur joy knows no bounds wen u see dem...god re...keep it up :P

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot Niks :)

You are absolutely correct :)....who else dan a best frnd can understand the other ;) :D

G.Shyam said...

gr8 have got the reward for ur good work and ofcourse frm the right person, congrats. I could even feel ur joy while reading this post which made me to comment. keep rocking.
Have u talked to shreyaji in person?

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot Shyam
You know I was less of words while writing the post.I didn't know what to write.Its the feeling which I can't express.

No,I have never got the chance to talk to her in person :(.
Once on Twitter,she said to me that she'll inform me if she comes to Delhi in the near future....How sweet of her :)....Shreya rocks....sso down to earth nature.

G.Shyam said...

sure u will met shreyaji in person my advance wishes to u dude........

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot G.Shyam :)