Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shukraan Allah - Kurbaan

We all know that Shreya’s association with Salim – Suleiman has always been outstanding.Be it Aaja Nachle,Dor or the recent one Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.Some days ago,I informed about Shreya’s presence in an upcoming Hindi Movie Kurbaan starring Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.Its produced by Karan Johar and directed by Rensil D’ Silva.As I told earlier,Shreya has sung a duet with Sonu Nigam titled “Shukran Allah”.Lets come to the song.

The song has Salim – Suleiman stamp all over.Well,what I doubt in most of the duets came true this time !.Shreya has only 2 lines in the song,just like Soniyo from Raaz 2 .The song is so melodious but sadly,85% of the song has been given to the male singer.I wish it was a solo of Shreya.Since she has sung only 2-3 lines in the last stanza,I’ll just give the outline of the song.The song starts with Salim’s vocals rendering “Shukraan Allah”.It has many Urdu lyrics.Sonu Nigam starts with the song and continues till the end and sadly,Shreya gets some lines in the starting of the stanza.The song runs for 5 minutes approximately.Shreya comes at 3:32.Shreya is,as usual,soothing.I just feel like hear those lines again and again.I wish Shreya gets a solo with Salim – Suleiman next time.

ps:I recently came across an article which talked about lack of female singers in Bollywood movies.I completely agree with the article.Take the recent movies like Tum Mile,Wake Up Sid,etc.Tum Mile doesn’t even have a single female vocals.A fake track listing came before the music release and it had two songs of Shreya.I thought that Pritam has changed the trend of making only male singers sing in Mahesh Bhatt’s movies but I was wrong.He still continues with the same.Take the case in Kurbaan itself,it has all the male vocals.Only few lines are given to Shreya in Shukraan Allah and one song is given to the other female singer.Thats really not fair !


Karthik said...

You forgot London Dreams. It doesn't have a single female singer as well. But if you take Main Agar Kahoon from Om Shanti Om or Tujh Main rab, both had only 4 lines of Shreya but the impact was magical and it added great charm to the song. It is not about how many lines you sing but how you sing the limited lines :-)Shreya scores there.

Nice song and nice review as always. Keep them comin'.


Nishant said...

Thanks Karthik
Thats what I meant.I don't mind the quantity.As you said,Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai and Main Agar Kahoon were fabulous...But still,the directors must focus little more on female voices..thats what i wanted to say.

You see in Mungaru Male(Kannada Movie),Shreya 's version of Araluthiru is picturized for very less time whereas the male version was completely there in the film.The same case has happened many times with Kanada Movies in which Shreya has sung.I am watching Udaya Tv dese days and I see only Sonu Nigam's version of Araluthiru , Matinalli , etc.Shreya has sung the verion with far more great feelings...

Pramod said...


That is not true entirely in Kannada. It happnd only with Mungaru Male and some other movies. But in Moggina Manasu, Milana and Mussanje maatu, she was one of the major factor in the success of these movies.
And in the recent movie, Manasaare, her songs are the highlight of the movie. Now this movie is going to become another Mungaru Male in kannada.
But i still feel, atleast in Mungaru male, they shud have used Shreya's full song. Even director of this movie promised that song wud be included after 100 days of the Movie. But he didn't used that.
But now in the Manasaare(Same director of Mungaru male) has used her songs very efficiently.

Nishant said...

Hi Pramod.I was not only talking about Kannada.I am talking about Bollywood too.As you said,if the director had promised,he should have promoted the song.
Anywayz,I hope Shreya gets her 2nd Kannada Filmfare this year for any of the songs in Manasaare.Both "Na Naguva" and "Kanna Haniyondige" are my favourites.

Pramod said...

I hope "Kanna Haniyondige" will make it to yet another award list for shreya. Awesome pronounication of kannada by her in this song.