Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kandaen Kanmaniyae

Here I am with another Tamil song of Shreya. Its titled “Kandaen Kanmaniyae".It has music by Ganesh Raghavendra(new musician again?).Its from the movie "Renigunta" and its a solo by Shreya.

The track runs for 5 and a half minutes.It starts with a haunting flute piece.Shreya starts with the song ast 0:45.I guess its a sad song.I can guess that with the tune.Just got to know about the song today and now,I am addicted to it.Shreya's singing is mesmerising,as always.This is the first time that I have no adjectives to describe the emotions Shreya has put to the song.The tune is soulful.First interlude has great harmony by some male singer.The stanzas of the song are mindblowing.Loved the rythm from 2:28 - 2:35.Superb!!.This is the song which I can hear "n" number of times.It has awesome backgroung beats(slight similar to Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana from RHTDM).Seconds interlude is wonderfully designed.I wish I could understand the wonderful language "Tamil" so that I could understand little more about the song.Anywayz,Shreya's voice is wnough for that.

Don't miss this one people.Hats off to Shreya and the composer !!!


Karthik said...

Heavenly rendition by Shreya with pitch perfect pronunciation. I am loving this song more on repeated hearing.

There is one more tamil song (song name: Rayilin Padhaiyil) of Shreya from movie "Appavi". Song is available in Composer is Joshua Sridhar. The song is a kinda classical melody sung alongside Hariharan. Keep them comin'


Nishant said...

Hi Karthik
Thanks a lot for reminding
So dis means 3 Tamil songs continuously by Shreya....Wow !!!
Will hear it after coming bak from college.

Priya said...

all 3 songs of shreya are rocking..i liked kandaen kanmaniyae a lot..shreya's voice and the lyrics of the song are great.rayilin padhayil is also very nice..each and every song of shreya s really master doubt in it.