Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Met my God....Finally :)

As we all know,Sheya is there in an networking site “Twitter”. Some days ago, I read an update from Shreya.She said “Going to Delhi for National Award Ceremony”.I felt very happy after reading the update but I was tensed too,as I knew there was no chance of meeting Shreya as she would be coming here just to collect the award.But still I sent her a tweet.I asked her if she could tell the time when she’ll be going back to Mumbai so that I could meet her at the airport.15 minutes passed,I didn’t get any reply.I was very sad.But I didn’t knew that a “special message” was waiting for me.After 10 mnts,I got an tweet from Shreya saying “I have sent you a direct msg.Check it”.Immediately,I saw my direct messages in twitter and I was completely shocked as I got the private message from the Nightingale herself.She told me the name of the hotel where she was staying and gave me the time of 3pm to meet her.I got this message from her around midnight.I replied to her again asking the details.She told me everything and went offline after a goodnite msg.

It was 12:30am when I was roaming here and there,from one room to another room.Finally,I slept at 3:20 am and woke up at 6:30 am.Went to temple and prayed to God that the plan of meeting Shreya should not get cancelled.I have been waiting for this moment since last 7 years.Somehow the time passed and at 10am,I went to the stationery shop and bought a coloured scrapbook.I wrote a very big article in the scrapbook.I chose 4 articles from my blog and pasted it in the book.One work done.My next step was to buy a beautiful gift for Shreya.I went to Archies and bought a beautiful Lord Shiva Moorti and a bunch of chocolates.After packing them,I wrote my article and prepared my scrapbook.I didn’t get any msg from Shreya today,so I got confused if Shreya was still there at the hotel.

Conversation on fone:

It was Shreya’s mom who picked up the phone.

Me:Good Afternoon Mam,This is Nishant

Shreya’s Mom:Oh Nishant.Just a minute(She transferred the call to Shreya)

Me:Hello mam..Good Afternoon.This is Nishant

Shreya:Haaaaan…..Hi Nishant,You come here by 3 pm na.I’ll be having some other guests too.I’ll meet you there.I’ll be leaving from here by 4 pm.

Me:O God…I cant believe dis..I was dumb !!

Shreya:Please don’t say that.

Me.Thank You so much for trusting me (Conversation stopped).

Shreya gave me the time of 3 pm but sadly,because of the usual traffic of Delhi,I reached there 10 minutes late.I immediately asked the receptionist if Shreya was there.She again connected the phone to Shreya’s room and her mother picked again and said , “Hi Nishant,Shreya is coming downstairs”.

I waited at the lobby for 20 minutes and I was sitting on the sofa.Suddenly,I looked on my left side and found none other than Shreya standing and talking to her mother and other relatives.I went there immediately with the gifts and introduced myself to her in shivering voice.I touched her feet and took her blessings.She said “God Bless U”.She told my father that she has been following my blog and information for so long.She said that everyone says that Nishant is your biggest fan.I ws standing like dumb.I didn’t know what to say.I was very nervous.Her mother was standing next to her.I touched her feet and took her blessings too.She said,”I am so happy that Nishant has come here.We were talking about you in our room just now”.Then I introduced her to my father and sister.She was so humble to take many pics wid me.She herself said to my sister “ ab main Nishant ke saath acche se pic leti hoon”.She kinda hugged me and took the pic.She is so sweet.I have never ever met such a down to earth person in my life.I was not wrong when I used the word “GOD” for her.Its a very unique feeling.I don’t feel like demanding anything from God now.He has given me the best gift.She saw my scrapbook which I prepared for her.I asked her some questions.My mind was completely empty that time.I asked her whatever I got in my mind.

I asked her “How it has been recording for Ilayaraja so far”?

She said “He is the God of Indian Musicians,though he is very strict.Whenever he enters the studio,everyone gets silent.

I asked if she has sung in Balki’s Pa for Ilayaraja?

She said,many songs were recorded and many were deleted again and again from the movie.She may or may not have songs in this movie.

I asked her about future offerings with Ilayaraja.

She didn’t remember much but said she has sung one or two songs in Pazhassi Raja(Hindi Version).

I also asked about Ilayaraja’s sons Yuvan and Karthik

She said Yuvan is more into hip hop but he is very very talented and she also praised Karthik Raja(I’ll upload dis video).

Her mom said,”please come to our home whenever you come to Mumbai.Either call Shreya or her brother whenever you come there.”

Her mom was treating me exactly like her own son.I felt as if I am talking to my own mother.

After that,Shreya hersrlf introduced me to Shankar Mahadevan’s assistant who was so polite.I shook hands with him.She also introduced me to her lovely Aunt and Uncle.I was so shocked that everyone from her Uncle to my mom knew me already.they were treating me like their own son.

Suddenly,I found Shankar Mahadevan at my back and I touched his feet too and he gave me blessings but he was in a hurry,so could not take a pic with him.Anywayz,the 1st aim of my life is fulfilled and 2nd aim of my life is to become a composer.Shreya said,”Please compose songs,phir saath mein baht se gaane gayenge”.Gosh…A BIG COMPLEMENT.

I will cherish this moment forever.I wish these 15 mnts come again and again in my life.

God Bless U Shreya.

Thanks a lot once again



KIRAN RAJ S said...

Congratulations Nishant...Its so incredible Man...I am so happy for U...

Madhav said...

Cool Nishant...
u r so lucky :)

U look so different in this pic as compared to ur profile pic

Nishant said...

Thanks a lot Kiran and Madhav :)
I have not done anything.It all has happened with the blessings of God and all the dear member of Shreya's orkut community and my sweet blog readers :)

Btw,Madhav,Who said that profile pic is mine?He's Ruslaan Mumtaaz(model and actor).I think I shud put my pic so dat no one gets confused again.

RUBAI said...

i am so happy for u nish

Nishant said...

Thanks a ton Rubai :-)

Karthik said...

Hey Nishant,

I didn't even read the post. I actually started out to write a comment instead. Great that you finally got to meet the incredible singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal.

All the best!


Dr J Vijay Venkatraman said...

Hi Nishant!

I can see how you would have felt at that moment when you met your idol! Congrats for the success in your trials to meet her!

A special thanks from me for asking her about Ilaiyaraaja and getting the nice reply from her!

And, of course, do convey my extra special thanks to Shreya too!

Yours Always Musically,

Nishant said...

Thanks u so much :)

Thanks a lot yaar..Good dat u saw the post.Yes,I asked her about Ilayaraja.I even have dat video.Will update soon.But I am lil sad for one thing...forgot to ask about AR Rahman and many other composers :(

My mind was empty when I was talking to her.

Thanks once again Shreya,I'll always be grateful to u :)

Pramod said...

Infact, 2009 is a great year for Shreya Ghoshal. She won 2 filmfare awards and a biggie, National award(ofcourse this award for 2007-08, but award presented this year). I wud have been more happy, if you wud have asked about Mano Murthy.But no problem, i am still very happy for you.
2009 is a great year for you as well. Met your god and your god is following you on twitter.

Nishant said...

Hi Pramod...I wanted to ask fort many music directors and Mano murthy was one of them.I am really sad for that.My mind was empty dat tym :(

Priya said...

nishant am very jealous on seeing ur photos which u took with shreya and the autograph which shreya given to you.but really u deserve it.

likho apna vichar said...

hi nishant main tumhara blog bhut time baad check kar rha hon,(kareeb 3 months baad). and u dont believe it i was soooo haapy whn i saw ur post "Met my God....Finally :)"
my best wishes r wid u
may god bless u.

if its possible for u plz change the mode of word varification from ur blogs settings
vikas zutshi

Nishant said...

Thanks yaar :)

@likho apna vichar
Thanks a ton :)...Ya,will surely change the settings :)

Keep Visiting

neeraj said...

first of all heartiest feliciations to u for d tremendous
lifetime opportunity u got
nishant for u i would say u r d most fortunate person i have ever come to know .u proved me damn wrong.u had writeen ppl can take u as weird .i don't think dere z nything weird .itzz mere like apriest serving for his goddess.u truely deserved wat u got.
may god bless u dear n u achieve watever u want!!!
for shreya i have no words....
all i can sy i don't feel like listening others wen dere z she...
one thing i want to tell she z definitely d singer of millenium...
god bless her..n might she keep us we d fans of her's tunned wid her awesome singing!!!!!!1

neeraj said...

one thing which has inforced me to write d aniexity of music directors
for a vocals
i don't get why they do dis discrimination..why they do have major portion of vocals from male singer?? dis z absurd n totally disgusting
.i would like to appeal dem tob a aware frm dis fact...
i want to have shreya's solo more dan she has duets
itzz all i want want to convey my message to dem.......

Nishant said...

Thanks a ton Neeraj

So nice of u

I am really touched

God Bless u :)

Srikanth said...

Hey Nishanth, My hearty facilitations to u. I was so haapy when I saw ur post "Met my God....Finally :)". I'm soooo happy man. U really deserve this.

May God bless u and God bless our sweetest sweet singer shreya.

Nishant said...

Thanks Sreekanth :)

neeraj said...

nishant we r really proud of u just not coz of being shreya's greatest fan in dis infinite tending universe..but also due to urzz humour . i'm counting on u.....
best of luck :)
might u get tremendous response n all urzz endeavor......

Nishant said...

Thank You so so much Neeraj :)

God Bless u

Salini said...

Really nishant u are so lucky...
congrats yaar.. :-)

Nishant said...

Thanks Shalini :)

Niru said...

Am really happy that u met her..!! Congrats man. u deserve it 4 sure..!!

Nishant said...

Thanks Niru :)

VijayGadwal said...

Hi Nishant,

Great great blog this one :)
I was so happy reading this post! very nice that you got to meet shreya :)
Please continue the gr8 work!
I Finally got a chance to see/listen to her live:D
Hope i get a chance to meet her sometime as well!
Keep Rocking,

Nishant said...

Thanks Vijay :)
I've met her but never heard her singing live :-(

Niswanam said...

Hey Nishant, you lucky guy...Do convey my love to Shreya too the next time you meet/talk to her...!!!!

I've posted the song on Orkut...Do check it out ok?



Nishant said...

Lucky guy?Touchwood ! :)

I heard dat song...thanks once again for dat :)

u recorded it from youtube?

Niswanam said...

Yes Nishant...Found a way to download the songs ONLy from YT....So did it immediately...Ohhh I was more than thrilled to load it into my Mp3 player...!!!! :)

How have you been? Doing good I guess...!!!!

Nishant said...

I am doing great Geetha :)

Hope u r fine too

Carrissa said...

Hi nishi:) mannnn i hope my story ends up like da way urs did.. I also pray everyday that i get to meet shreya. Dats my 1 wish and aim. I feel incomplete if i dont hear her songs or watch her everyday. Wow i actually wake up from a deep slp at night wen her songs play on radio. I accept that u are shreyas biggest fan but here in south africa i am shreyas 100% no1 diehard fan. By da way dont 4get dat favour u gna do 4me:). U are d most luckiest person on earth, i hope il b da 2nd fan to meet her.Her songs are my life .We both d same coz eat ,breath..shreyas songs n frm wat i c ,i can judge shes an awesome person.Lolz u wudnt believe whose song was given to me to play to c if i av timing bcoz im gna start studyn music. It was shreyas song .It was chahenge tumhe:). Mannn i was so excitd coz dat uncle didnt even knw i love shreyas music. Felt really happy .U really are blessed... Been twitting shreya alot but no response,hopefully she replys soon. Even told my parents if dy dnt get Shreya to sing at my wedding weneva dat takes place i wnt get married:).LORD SHIVA is gng to grant u many mre meetings and grant me opportunities to meet her to:) I strongly believe dat:)

lakshmi kanthan said...

actually im very late in onli i saw dis site.......but yaar i feel very happy for yo cos yo ve fulfileed ur dream......its because of ur true devotion to shreya and that u tried...loads and loads of congrrats.....hope dat i too ll get a chance to meet d b'

Nishant said...

Thank u so much Lakshmi :)

I get big goosebumps whenever I think abt dis meeting...Thanks to Lord Shiva and Shreya di ofcourse :)

She is the best !!..

Keep Visiting :)

Hemant Khachane said...

Dear Nishant,
I have gone through your blog. I am also fan of Sherya Ghoshal. I am software engineer working in US and spent most of my bare time in hearing Sherya's songs.

In life everything comes under comic consciousness and I think having true and pure feeling for anything can create miracles. You are getting glimpses of it Eg. you met Sherya 2 times. There are thousands of people who are Sherya's fan but everyone does not get chance to meet her. Its your strong desire and feeling which bought the result. You are young, did not see much life so please use this feeling as creative process and as Sherya told you make your career as music composer.
Congratulation !

All the best for your rest life and hopefully new journey of your music life.

Hemant K

Nishant said...

Hi Hemant ,

Thanks a million for your wishes :)..Yours is one of d best comments I hav got in my blog so far :)

God Bless u

Keep Visiting :)

Maser Smith said...

wow awesome nishant, that must be a dream come true for you i can understand how it feel