Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ennavo Saithai

I wanted to post about the song yesterday but couldn’t because of the not so good internal exams.Anywayz,I am here today with a new Tamil song of Shreya titled “Yennavo Saithai” from the movie “Yen Ippadi Mayakkinai”.It has music by “Lakshman Ramalinga”.I got to know from some orkut community members that its directed by the same director who also director Sillunu Oru Kadhal.Ofcourse expectations turned high after knowing the name of the director.Who can forget the love anthem Munbe Vaa.Lets come to the song.

It’s a duet with Kailash Kher.It runs for 4 minutes.Starting with chorus singing, it’s a romantic melody.Shreya starts with the song first and the first line itself is so impressive that you feel like hearing the song again and again.Shreya’s singing is out of the world that I feel like touching the feet of the Nightingale and take his blessings.Let me not get too much emotional and come back to the song.The charnams of the song are superb.Hats off to Shreya and the new composer.He seems to be a talent guy.Last time it was Satish Chakravarthy,this time its Lakshman.I am happy that Shreya is singing for new Tamil music directors.The second interlude is amazing mixed with Kailash Kher’s usual sargams but I felt his vocals(high pitched) in the starting of the song was unwanted.No doubts on his singing.Rather he is one of the few musicians who composes classic songs.Hope Shreya sings in one of his albums soon.

The song is a masterpiece. Listen it and you’ll enter the world of piece(Thanks to Shreya ofcourse).

ps:One more Tamil song is lined up.Gonna write about it now !

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