Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's music lacks melody!!!!!!

Shreya recently gave an interview.Here it is:

You are performing live in the city today. How comfortable are you with stage shows?
I love it. It’s a great way to reach out to the audience. It’s a different high altogether.

India is celebrating Rahman’s win and hoping for an Oscar. What does this recognition mean for the Indian music industry?
Rahman Sir deserved this recognition a long time ago. He has managed to take India to a different level. It’s time to celebrate, for sure. But now that the world is looking at us, we need to be careful in what we do.

Are you referring to plagiarism in the Indian music industry?
Yes. Composers need to realise that we are in the spotlight now. There is no escaping if they pass off someone else’s music as their own. But more than that, I think it’s time we started promoting Indian classical and folk music, which is dying due to lack of proper exposure. Since Bollywood is such a great global platform, we need to promote what’s our own, rather than do something which is borrowed. And honestly, not all composers are cut out to do Western music.

So you think Indian composers can’t pull off Western music?
Some of them are great, but some are trying too hard. One cannot deny that the music these ‘wannabes’
compose, go on to become a hit. Composers need to stick to music they are good at, instead of jumping on the bandwagon. Music today lacks melody.

Going back to Rahman, you’ve sung for many of his projects. Do you wish you were part of Slumdog Millionaire too?
Like every singer, I wish I was part of the project. But I don’t feel bad about missing out, because every singer that Rahman Sir has worked with in the film, has done a great job. I’m an audience first and then a singer. So, I’m happy for everyone who has been a part of this project. Rahman Sir is absolutely original and unique.

You’ve also sung for composers who are serial offenders in plagiarism. Aren’t you apprehensive before recording with them?
Inside the recording studio, a singer is only concerned about the song. There is no time to think about plagiarism.


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Nikita said...

Those are sum really mature answers! Shows dat shes nt jst a brilliant singer bt also an intelligent female :P