Sunday, January 11, 2009

Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam

I expected atleast one song of Shreya in Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam(Telugu Movie) but Shreya has two songs in this movie :).Both are duets,one with Shankar Mahadevan and other one with Sonu Nigam.Lets talk abt the first song"Aanandama"(Shreya abd Shankar).

After melodious,fresh hit and superhit track "Tere Naina",Shreya is back with the musical trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy in the telugu movie Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam.First track "Aanandama" is melodious to the core.I could feel that it has a little touch of classical music....little means little reflection of classical music.Shreya enters in the song with first antara which is made beautifully by S-E-L.The harkats and murkiyan which Shreya takes in small small places,i bet if any other singer can do it.This song runs for 5 minutes 40 seconds.

Lets come to the second song "Antha Siddanga" sung by Shreya and Sonu Nigam.This song is one-on-one/ched-chad song between the couples.Sonu Nigam has given good company to Shreya.The interesting thing in this song is that Shreya spekas some telugu lines in the first antara and beleive me,it feels as if a south indian lady is speaking.She really rocks.Kudos to Shreya!!!!!!!

Both the songs are awesome and both have become my favourites.Enjoy these songs!!!!!!!!

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