Friday, January 16, 2009

Bhor Bhayi - Delhi 6

I am here with the review of the song which i mentioned in the last post.Before reviewing this song,I would like to speak my heart out.I am so lucky that I am a fan of that person who doesnt have any atitude,who has so much respect for her elders,who is humble,who can sing any type of songs with ease.....and its none other than GODDESS SHREYA GHOSHAL.I feel so happy when people say that "U r the biggest fan of Shreya".......that really gives me a lot of happiness.

Anywayz,lets discuss about the song now.I wrote that "Bhor Bhayi" is sung by Shreya,Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan and Gujri Todi....Actally Gujri Todi is an Indian Raag and many songs r made on the basis of this raag and this is usually sung at morning.This song is a fully classical song and Shreya is the first and the only choice for classical songs.The song starts with Ustad's voice rendering Bhor Bhayi and then Shreya takes the song to the another level with her flawless alaaps and harkats.Note the way how she sings the alaap between 2:09-2:15.She is really outstanding and I am happy that Rahman chose her for this song.Hope AR Rahman-Shreya combo will rock again in the coming movies.

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