Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jaaji Malligee

Here comes Shreya's another Kannada song "Olave" from the movie "Jaaji Mallige".Its a duet between Shreya and Karthik.Its composed by Sadhu Kokila(seems new to me).Its a super meody supported by instruments like Tabla,etc.This song reminds me of some Bollywood songs made in 90s.Karthik has given ample support to Shreya in this song.Shreya is as usual marvellous in the song.This song also has another version titled" sung by the same singers,same tune but words r exchanged.So if we talk abt "Olave" or " Cheluve Brahmmana Bali ",it means the same.

ps:I am very happy the way our Shreya is going in 2009 *touchwood*....Hope she sings number of songs in every language in the coming months as well.

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