Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shreya back in Malayalam!!!!!!!!!

Vidaparayukayano still tops my "Favourite songs" list.And Shreya is back in Malayalam with two songs in Banaras.Music is composed by M.Jayachanderan.I am not aware with Malayalam songs at all.The first malayalam song i heard was Shreya's "Vidaparayukayano".Let me try to write review of a Malayalam song also.

Let me start with her duet song with Sandeep Kumar(who very much sounds like KJ Yesudas) titled "Madhuram Gayathi".Now,To be frank,this is the kind of song which should always go to Shreya because she is the only singer who can sing these type of songs with ease.This is the utter classical song which i wait for Shreya to sing.In the starting,Shreya sings sum Hindi lines which again has a classical touch.Instruments like Mridangam,flute,etc are used in this song and M.Jayachanderan seems to be a very talented musician because the way he has composed this song is really outstanding.As far as I could understand,this song is dedicated to Lord Krishna and it became my favourite in the first hearing itsellf.I am not able to write much about this song.The song itself has so much variations which i am unable to express.Sandeep Kumar has given ample support to Shreya.The way Shreya sings classical song....ufffff.she really rocks.I am proud to be her fan.
Kudos to Shreya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now,lets come to the second song "Chanthu Thotille" which is a solo and this song is completely different as compared to the first one.This song again has some Hindi lines but this time,its rendered by chorus.This song seems to be a folish type of a song and the instruments used are quiet similar to the ones used in Avarapam Poovukum.I dnt knw if everyone agrees to this but thats wat i felt after 5-6 hearings.Beleive me,I found Tamil language quiet easier as compared to Malayalam,though both the language sounds quite similar and i dnt knw how Shreya renders these songs.She is really a rockstar.I feel that she should get an award for these songs.She really deserves.Good work by M.Jayachanderan , awesome singing by Nightingale Shreya and good support from Sandeep Kumar.

ps:Delhi 6 Audio will release soon and I have a lot of expectations from the song which she has rendered in Delhi6.The song is "Bhor Bhayi" sung by Shreya and Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan .


saji said...

shreya has sung a superb song in the much awaited malayalam movie neelathaamara (blue lotus) is ANURAAGA VILOCHANAYI

niji... said...

Again.. the nightingale in malayalam with gopi sundar - amal neerad team's "ANWAR".
the song - Khalbile thee.. is quite awesome..
& kanninima which she had sung really well.. no comparisons.. shreya has become a part of each mallus rhythmic heart beat.. thats true...

Anonymous said...

shez my real queennnnn

Thangamagan said...

Shreya does an excellent singing in Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. Her latest song 'Vilayaattaa Padagotti' from the Tamil film 'Dhoni' is quite mesmerizing and soulful. Her strong points are her impeccable pronunction and diction. The best song I like of hers is 'Paatil Ee Paatil.' May God give her good health and strength to help her maintain her voice as it is now.