Monday, January 26, 2009


Shreya has sung in so many Bengali Movies and she has released 100s of Bengali albums too.She has had so many releases in the starting of 2009 and one of them includes "Antaheen" which is a big bidget Bengali Movie.It is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary.And guess wat,this movie has music by Shantanu Moitra.Remember the songs of Parineeta??If not,then the songs of this movie will recollect the memories of Parineeta when "Piyu Bole" became a chartbuster and was played in every FM Station continuously after every hour.Well,Shreya has 3 songs in this movie and when Shantanu Moitra is the composer,then the songs will definitely be unique and melodious.

Lets talk about Shreya first song which is a solo titled "Shokol Ashe Na".This song starts with a soulful tune played on Guitar which is a common instrument in Moitra's compostions.This song runs for 3 minutes 20 seconds and beleive me,this song is a big treat for all the fans.I dnt knw how to explain this song.This song reminds me of a theme sung by Hamsika Iyer in Eklavya.This song really touched my heart.I dnt knw wat to write abt dis song.Truly melodious!!!!!

Now comes the second song which is a duet with Pranab Biswas but we can call it a solo bcoz only some alaaps are sung by Pranab,and rest of the song is sung by Shreya.The song is titled "Jao Pakhi" and the speciality of the song is that it doesnt have any antara but still,it runs for 5 minutes 13 seconds.Its a very slow song and wat to say abt Shreya,she is really blessed and i am really blessed that i am getting to hear songs of every language sung by Shreya.This song reminds me of "Sakhi Piya".this sonsg is very simple to hear but when u sing,u definitely cant sing it the way Shreya does.I dnt think there is any other singer who can put the emotions the way Shreya puts.Must hear song!!!!!!!!!!

Now,the turn for third song which is again a duet with Babul Supriyo titled "Pherari Mon".Its quite a long song which runs for 6 minutes 38 seconds.Shreya starts singing at 1:10.And this again is a Shreya song as Babul Supriyo comes in last just to sing 2-3 lines.This song is best in its own way.It cant be compared with any other song but still,its a typical Moitra's composition.its always a treat to hear songs from this immortal combo of Shreya-Shantanu.I got very emotional after hearing dis song.I dnt understand the language but the singing of Shreya made me emotional.

ps:I have just these songs of this movie and beleive me,all the 3 songs are masterpeices.Plz dnt go to the language.Music has no barrier of language.I request every Shreya fan to hear these songs and tell me ur review.
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