Thursday, December 3, 2009


Recently,Shreya was asked about her song in Suryakanthi and she said that she has never sung something like this before.Since that day , I have been eagerly waiting for the music release of Suryakanthi.It seems Suryakanthi is the most awaited Kannada movie this year.So,there are greater chances of Shreya's songs getting their due.Music is composed by Ilayaraja.I always expect a lot from Shreya - Ilayaraja combo.Lets come to the songs.

The first track I am going to talk about is Edeya Bagilu(the one which Shreya was talking about in that interview).Its sung by Shreya and Kunal Ganjawala.It runs for 5 and a half minutes.When Shreya has said that she never sang something like this before,then who am I to say anything about this track but just to give you the clue,let me tell you that this track could be a mixture of jazz , karnatic music , etc.Its one of the most beautiful and complicated songs of Shreya - Ilayaraja combo.Shreya is , as usual angelic in the track.Shreya and Kunal are the perfect choices for this track.Ilayaraja has used beautiful instruments like Piano,saxaphone,etc.The harmony in between the antaras by Shreya is the most appealing part of the song.Evereything about this song is beautiful.I don't think I can say anything else about this track.Hats off to Ilayaraja and Shreya !!

Next track is a solo titled "Chan Chanare".It runs for 4 and a half minutes.Remember the tamil song Kuyil Padum sung by Shreya? This song falls in the same category.This track also has kids singing in between.Shreya is sounding very cute in this song.Raja has used saxaphone in most of the part of the song.There's a strange tune played on saxaphone which comes many times in the song.The antaras of the song are great.Shreya has a beautoful harmony before the second stanzaNote the beautful change in the notes after that harmony.

Again , a treat to Shreya fans !!

Hope the songs get their due.

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