Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shreya performs at India Gate

Many celebrities came together to give tribute to all the soldiers who lost their life in Mumbai blast last year.Shreya performed a bangla song there.Its a lovely emotional track.Many celebrities like Shahrukh Khan , Javed Akhtar , Shankar Mahadevan ,etc were present.

Here is the video of Shreya’s performance:


neeraj said...

first of all i want to pay ma.. heartiest tribute n homage to dose
incredible n diligent n immortal souls soldiers n whu includes n dat tradegic but adventurous event whu lost deir lives for sake of humanity..might deir soul rest n ultimate peace.. despite of the fact dat they r no more but dey certainly conveyed d message. to die for humanity's sake .n offcourse for our motherland.. but dese corrupt politics n poltician's of india don't bother much for deir sacrifices ..forget it..
n shreya being a part of givin tribute to dose.. heroes whu almost saved india's reputation..
AMAZING. datz somethng i can xcept frm her .it really shows diversification of her attitude n dedication 2wards humanity .
thnx 2 shreya for dis :)
the more i come to know abot her the more i get overwhelm . wat cn i say............
shreya thnx for being d BEST
n u nishant thnx for being ample demonstrator. of her's activites specially like dese..
u r simply d best n business man...
god bless u dearr..
i'm overwhelmed wid ur work...
i swear.........

Nishant said...

Thanks a ton Neeraj :)

If you are overwhelmed by my posts,then I am overwhelmed by our comments ! :)