Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maleyali Jotheyali - Revised

One of my friends Supreet in Twitter tweeted me regarding the second song of Shreya in "Maleyali Jotheyali".Supreet told me that Shreya also had one more song in Maleyali Jotheyali.Well,thanks to him,otherwise I would never have been able to hear the song.As far as the songs of other languages(except Hindi) are concerned , I just hear the songs by Shreya and I don't know why Shreya was not credited for her second song in Maleyali Jotheyali.Anyways,lets come to the song.

The song is titled "Yenu Helabeku".Its a duet sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Niigaam.It runs for 5 minutes.Music is composed by V.Harikrishna.Its a romantic track.Before telling anything else , let me tell you the mukhda of the song is highly inspired from "Teri Ore" from Singh is King.Even the instrument is same here and the beats are almost similar.Except the beats,the main content of the song is different.Its a romantic track.Sonu Nigam has given good company to Shreya .Shreya has overshadowed the male singer in the whole song.The antaras of the songs are beautiful and the interlude before the second stanza is great , specially the chorus part singing "Ole Ole Ole Na Re Na Re".The starting lines of the antaras are slightly high pitched and note for the small alaaps Shreya sings in the second stanza.

Overall, a great song which we would have missed.Thanks to Supreet once again.

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supreet said...

i am glad u liked it . i have read most of ur blogs. they are just amazing. U are shreya's biggest fan on earth . .no doubt abt it.!! plz continue the gud work you are doin. .