Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pal Mein Hi - Chance Pe Dance

Finally,it’s the time to write about Shreya’s latest released song from Ken Ghosh’s “Chance Pe Dance”.The movie stars Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza.Shreya has sung a duet with Soham Chokroborty titled “Pal Mein Hi".Music is composed by Adnan Sami.

The track runs for 4 minutes approx.It starts with beautiful piece played on Piano(which comes many times in the song) and Guitar follows it later.Its a romantic track with a modern(or say italic) touch to it.Soham starts with the song singing in low notes and finishes his lines with high notes.Shreya follows those lines after Soham finishes.We get to see a different versatile Shreya here.She has modulated her voice to see the theme of the song(Well,thats a easy task for her).The song may remind you of Pyar Se from Mumbai Salsa.The antaras are very beautiful ,specially the starting lines by Shreya are amazing.Lyrics of the song are also very appealing.Soham has given good company to Shreya.The gitar piece in the song is put of the world and needless to say,Shreya's singing is the most appealing part of the song.Note the way Shreya ends the song.I am sure the song is going to rock(actually,already rocking these days).

ps:There is also a sad version of Rang Diya Dil and I’ve written about it in the previous post.

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