Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rang Diya Dil - Dulha Mil Gaya

I am here with my next post. I am going to talk about the latest Hindi release of Shreya i.e. Rang Diya Dil from the movie Dulha Mil Gaya. The movie was supposed to release in early 2009 , but due to some problems, they are releasing it in early 2010.Anywayz,Shreya has a solo in the movie.Music is composed by Lalit Pandit of the duo Jatin – Lalit.

Shreya’s last association with Lalit Pandit i.e.Showbiz was superb , though it didn’t get its due.Well,she is back with him in an upcoming movie “Dulha Mil Gaya” .Its titled "Rang Diya Dil".It runs for 5 minutes 25 seconds.Its a romantic song having Jatin-Lalit stamp all over.To proceed with the whole song,let me tell you its a masterpiece sung beautifully by our Shreya like always.Shreya starts with the song singing "Rang Diya Dil Maine Pyar Wale Rang Gholna".......The song is for someone who is madly in love.I am completely addicted to the track.Shreya's humming , her feel , style,everything is superb as usual.The song is supported by traditional instruments like flute , dholak , santoor,etc.The line "jaan bhi gayi tere hi sang dholna" is amazing.The antaras are beautiful.The song also has a slight(very slight) classical flavor to it.The lyrics are also great.Note the way Shreya sings "Ranjhana" before the third antara(Yes,it has 3 antaras).The line "Tere Hi Sang Dholna" comes many times in the song and Shreya has sung it differently everytime.Well,I don't know what else should I write about the song.Don't miss this song folks !!

The song also has a sad version which runs for 50 seconds and it runs on the lines of the main version(antara).Its very soothing and Shreya has put so much feel into the song.These sad versions are always very special for me,be it Tujhe Rab Dikhta Hai or “Kash Ek Din” sad version , etc

Hats off to Shreya and the composer too !

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