Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Math Mathalli

I am here with one more Kannada song of Shreya which was most awaited from my side.Shreya tweeted about recording a Kannada song with Raghi Dixit.I was completely amazed because I have really enjoyed previous songs of Raghu(have not heard many).I knew he was talented.Anywayz,the song was out some 2-3 days ago and its titled "Yello Jhinugiruva" and its from the movie "Just Math Mathalli".

Coming to the track,we can call it as a Shreya solo(though its a duet) as Raghu has sung as a chorus voice.The song is melodious,but still supported by western beats.The track starts with a folkish kinda tune played on Guitar followed by Raghu's humming and amazing beats(which continues in the song further).The combination of the those beats and Shreya's singing is perfect.She starts with the song amazingly and the track also has slight carnatic flavor(specially in the antaras).The charnams are outstanding.The starting of the beats after Shreya's first line of the stanza is great.Hats off !!..Shreya has put so much feel into the song.Raghu has supported Shreya very well in the song.Well,the composer has used flute,gitar,etc in the song.I've never heard a song of this kind.Its very unique and have become one of my favorites Kannada song of Shreya.Hope we get to hear Shreya again with Raghu very soon.

Hats off once again !!

ps:I would like to congratulate one of my great friends Kiran Raj who met none other than our Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal yesterday at the Bangaluru Concert :)..I am very happy for him. :)...God Bless


KIRAN RAJ S said...

I have already mailed you about my meeting...I would like to reiterate here that any kind of adjective would fail to clearly define the experience...It should not be difficult for U to guess I believe...considering that U met her exactly 2 months ago...All I can say is that I am thrilled to the utmost possible extent that any one can ever get...U know very well that it may not have been possible but for U :-)

Nishant said...

God Bless u :)