Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tolakari Chinukai - Prema Kavali (Telugu)

Movie: Prema Kavali

Song: Tolakari Chinukai

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal & Ranjith

Music: Anoop Rubens


This post is about Shreya’s Telugu track “Tolakari Chinukai” sung for Anoop Rubens. Shreya had earlier sung two solos for him, one being Enni Ashalo (my most favorite Telugu song) and the other one, peppy number Vaade Vaade. The previous mentioned two songs ere different from each other and with no surprise, the new song "Tolakari Chinukai" is again from different genre! The track runs for 4 minutes 44 seconds. Its a peppy, yet sensuous tune. Shreya starts with the song and Ranjith follows her in a little higher scale. The first interlude before the second stanza is a nice blend of carnatic and western beats. Shreya, the princess of expressions has again modulated her voice to suit the theme of the track.


A nice track, witth interesting usual sung beautifully by Nightingale Shreya :)


Anonymous said...

SG has sung a nice song in an Assamese movie Ramdhenu . Its so nice to lìsten . U forgot to mention about it .

Nishant said...

I didnt forget..I'll write d post in a day or two

Sehrinaz said...


Shreya comes up with different styles of music, love the way she experience with it. Tolakari Chinukai has a great beat. It gives u an romantic feeling in the rain while listening to the song.

Anonymous said...

Great to learn more about Shreya's singing talent and her multilingual songs through one of her interview on youtube that directed me to hunt Twitter.

I was searching and listening her Hindi songs and I was surprised when I listen to old Marathi song "Jiwalaga" the way she sung. Hats off to you Shreya !! You have a voice sweeter than Honey.

Good luck !!! Awaiting more Marathi and Hindi songs