Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paatinte Palkadavil - Living Together (Malayalam)

Movie: Living Together
Song: Paatinde Palkadavil
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Music: M.Jayachanderan

The song runs for 4 minutes 25 seconds.It starts with kids singing and then Shreya starts with the song. I got reminded of Kuyil Padum after hearing this track. Its a peppy track which would be loved by kids. The interludes are composed according to the theme of the song, of which 1st interlude is having a flute piece, followed by Shreya's beautiful harmony. The antaras are great as well. The song may look easy in hearing but it has many small notations and only Shreya can do justice with them.



Aysha Fatima said...
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Aashish CR said...

i like the song..especially shreyas singing..
but..the beginning part where children chorus sings shud have avoide..
'kuchupukuchupukuchu kuchuppuu.....'

prabakaran said...

hai nishant sharma!! me too a gr8 fan of shreya jii !! pls add vijay music awards 2010 for mannipaya song in shrey ji's award column !!

prabakaran said...

hai nishanth sharma!! me too a gr8 gr8 fan of our queen shreya ji!!! pls add best female singer vijay music awards 2010 for mannipaya song in shreya ji's award column

Nishant said...

I hav already done dat :)

prabakaran said...

ur blog is tooo gud amazing work..and a true tribute to our legend.iam inspired by ur blog

Nishant said...

Thanks :)