Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shreya wins Kerala State Award for Chanthu Thotille

Many Many Congratulations to The Nightingale for winning her first “Kerala State Award” for the beautoful track “Chanthu Thotille” from the movie Banaras.

Its her first award for a Malayalam song :)

Shreya always makes us feel proud.

God Bless u Shreya :)


Anonymous said...

ya....congrats shreya!..Keep it up!!

Pramod said...

By winning this award, shreya has won awards in almost all the major languages in India. Shreya is only singer in India to get awards for playback singing in almost all the major languages.

Congrats once again Shreya...........

mike said...

heartiest congrats! truely she deserves the award for such a lovely voice..