Friday, April 2, 2010

Devdas (Remake in Pakistan)

Shreya Ghoshal 's new songs from the remake of Devdas (in Pakistan) are out ! .The songs were recorded some 3- 4 years ago but I don't know why the movie was delayed.Anyway , Shreya has sung two songs in the movie.Lets talk about the solo first !

Please don't compare the Devdas ( 2002) with this Devdas because people have the bad habbit of making comparisons of originals with sequels( I am talking about songs this time) .Shreya's solo is titled "Kaise Jiyungi Bin Tere" .It runs for 5 minutes 30 seconds.Its a sad song and it starts with a mesmerizing harmony by Shreya and just after Shreya picks the word "Kaise" , a beautiful background music is started which is very appealing and then the song moves forward.The lyrics are great which flows very well with the tune.The first interlude is very catchy starting with a chorus part. The antaras are great filled with sad emotions and I repeat , the lyrics and of course , our Nightingale's voice flows with the theme of the song very well.

Next track is titled "Kahe Tum Sang" sung by Shreya and Kavita Krishnamurthy. Before you compare it with Dola Re Dola , let me tell you the theme of this duet is slight different.Its a thumri cum jugalbandi.You will get what I mean after hearing the song. The track runs for 6 minutes track.It starts with a mesmerising instrumental piece played on sarangi and then , Kavita starts with the song and Shreya sings after her and she has completely overshadowed Kavita , no offense to Kavita..she has sung nicely too but the way Shreya has put sad emotions in the song are completely out of the world.As its a thumri , so its obvious that song will have a classical flavor in it.The stanzas are fabulous.I really liked the way Shreya sang the lines "Kaccchi Nikli Preet Ki Dori" .The track has a great work of all the Hindustani Classical instruments , specially Tabla and Sarangi.

Overall , amazing songs and I am sure music lover are going to love the tracks.

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G.Shyam said...

where can i download these two shreyaji's new songs, any links available?