Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raj -The Showman - Another Kannada Release!!!! seems the track listing of Kannada Movies these days is incomplete without a Shreya track.After singing two songs in Preethi Nee Shashwathana,Shreya has got not one song,not two songs but three songs in a latest Kannada Release Raj-The Showman.Kiran Raj(regular follower of our blog and my friend) told me that this was the most awaited Kannada Movie.Shreya has one solo.Music is by V.Harikrishna.

First song in the album is "Kuch Kuch Antide" which is a duet with Krishna who also sang the other version of Soniyo from Raaz-The Mystery Continues.I don't know how to explain this song.Its a mixture of little classical touch and romantic songs.Its a 5 minutes 42 seconds track.V.Harikrishna has really impressed with this song.This song will impress you in first hearing itself.Shreya really impresses you with her flawless singing again here.Krishna sings the first lines of antara and Shreya sings "Kuch Kuch Antide" side by side.I really liked the way she sang "Kuch Kuch Antide in the antaras.

Second song is also a duet with Prem titled "Raja Helluvagela".Its a 5 minutes track.Shreya is everywhere in this song.This song has a very differnt kind of a feel.The composer has used traditional Hindustani Instruments like Sitar,flute.etc.
Shreya starts with the song rendering a differnt kind of a tune,may be its little folkish tune but the mood of the song changes in the antara.Shreya has got to sing the mukhra and the first antara.Prem(the male singer) has got to sing the 2nd antara.And that folkish rhythm still continues in both the antaras.Shreya's harmony at the end takes you to another world.

Third song is a SOLO finally.Its titled "Poli Ivanu".Its a 4 minutes 34 seconds track.As far as i could understand,its a lullaby.Sorry,i dont understand the language,so had to guess.And I am sorry if i guessed it wrong.The song has westernised beats in the background.Shreya has got little alaap in both the stanza(little means just for 2-3 seconds).The mood of the song completely changes in the antara.

I really liked Kuch Kuch Antide.It has a different kind of a feel.That doesnt mean I didnt like the other two songs.You all know that i lik every song of Shreya.But i feel Kuch Kuch Antide needed a special mention :).The way Shreya has sung it is mindboggling.

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