Sunday, March 29, 2009


After melodious "Oru Vetkam,Shreya's next Tamil release in Mariyadhai.Mostly,Shreya has one song in an Tamil album but Mariyadhai has two tracks by Shreya.Both the songs are duets,Music is by Vijay Anthony who has worked with Shreya for a Tamil Serial.

Lets talk about her first song in the movie "Devadhai Desathil" which is a duet with Hariharan who has sung less but memorable songs with Shreya.Its a 4 minutes 26 seconds song.Its one of the different Tamil songs of Shreya.It is a beautiful melody and Vijay has used the common Indian instruments like Tabla,flute,etc.Hariharan starts with the song and has has got high notes to sing except some lines and Shreya's rendition is as usual mesmerising and sweet.She can sing the low notes very easily.Well,this song is not different but very unique......hehe......u'll get to knw wat do i mean by this after hearing the song.

Second song in the album is "Unnai Ninaithaen" which is a duet with Prasanna.Aah,what to say about this song.I am speechless.I was hearing this song at night yesterday and I was in heaven.Wonderful singing by Shreya again.The song starts with the mesmerising tune played on flute.Again,the male singer has high notes and Shreya has low notes(not exactly low notes) to sing.This is a soothing and light melody.Shreya gives outstanding feel here.Hope u all will love the songs.

ps:Wait for some hours for new post on Shreya's latest Kannada songs.


Priya said...

in which serial shreya sung?

Nishant said...

Even I don't know.I dnt understand Tamil at all but will tell you soon.