Monday, July 25, 2011

Met My God - 5

Yes, I met my idol Shreya Ghoshal again the 5th time on 23rd July! :) ..I couldn’t post the 4th part because of some reasons.Coming to the recent meeting, Shreya di had tweeted “Now- Sleep. :) 2mrw delhi! :)” ..And I couldn’t believe it because there was no news of her coming to Delhi. I was very excited but on the other hand, I was equally sad as I was thinking whether I’ll be able to meet her this time as it had been more than 9 months that we met!

I didn’t sleep that day (my twitter and FB friends must be aware of that). I finally slept at 5am and woke up at 12 noon. I was waiting for the sun to rise so that I could get in contact with Shreya’s mother to get to know anything related to her concert! I finally got in contact with her at 3 and before I asked her, she told me about the concert but she herself had not come with Shreya this time as her father was accompanying her this time! I asked her mother if I could meet her this time! She said she could try but sadly, she told ,me that Shreya had forgotten her cell phone in Mumbai and her manager’s cell phone was not reachable! But since Aunty takes me as her own son, she didn’t let me lose the hope and kept trying and finally, I got in contact with her manager. He said that I could come. I was super happy after the 3 hours sadness and praying to Guruji continuously. It was 6pm that time and I was already late. I reached the venue around 7pm and fortuntately, my Shreya didi was there at the backstage and I entered the room! She first noticed me and said , “You are looking very changed..She actually said “bilkul risht pusht lag rahe ho”..Haha! She liked my outfit a lot and complemented 2 -3 times for it. I was super happy. I asked her for a photograph but she said “Sit, there is more time” . I asked her about X Factor and she said it was going good. I also asked her about her foot. I was thinking if it’s a dream and suddenly, someone came to call her as some dancers wanted a snap with her! She told that she would be back in a few minutes. In the meanwhile, I talked to her father for the first time.He asked about my education :).He is again, so humble liker his whole family. I took his blessings and Shreya entered the room again. And then, someone came to call her for the concert and we took the snap and I was very happy to have met my Idol after 10 long months :)…And then, luckily enjoyed the whole concert by her. She started with Silsila Ye Chahat Ka and sang quite a few numbers like Wada Raha, Tumhe Jo Main Dekha, Chalo Tumko Lekat Chalein, Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai, O Bekhar, Ami Je Tomar and not to forget, she sang her recent hit Saathiya for the very first time in a concert :)..

Thank you God and Guruji for turning impossible to possible. Anyway, impossible says that I m possible ;) ..hehe ..Thank you all for your blessings and last but not the least, million thanks to Shreya’s mom and her manager for helping me out :) ..Loads of Love and Hugs :)


Biggest Devotee of Shreya


somu said...

Nishant, a very nice experience, you shared with us. I know what was you condition at that night when the Angel posted Now- Sleep. :) 2mrw delhi! :)in twitter. God is great. Ultimately you met her and attained the concert. That is the great part. Shreya Ghoshal is really an angel on earth. Greatest singer, yet so simple and down to earth. This can be only realized by the persons who met her once. You are lucky Nishu.

Nishant said...

I'll repeat what I said on Facebook.

"If you are deserving, luck automatically follows u ;)"

somu said...

Completely agree with you Nishant :)

Sehrinaz said...

Hi Nishant;

Ur a lucky dude but u already know that :) I know how it is to loose almost the hope, but the Almighty is soo merciful that he's showing a way at the last moment and making u the happiest person in the world. U call Shreya ur God, wish I could do the same, she deserves in my eyes to be called like that, but I can't :( Ghoshal fam. is a soo humble fam. we are very fortunate to get the opportunity to meet them. Love them all.

P.S. when is the 6th meeting??? :)

Guruprasad said...

Yes! Nish... You're absolutely corrrct..
“If you're desrving; Luck automatically follows you”
You desrved it..
I know how was your condition before 6PM..
Finally, you met her, so happy for you :)
Thanks to SG, Di's Mom & Dad and Her manager..


UnnyKrish said...

The way you narrated it looks so cute. Obviously .. Shreya should meet you when ever she comes to Delhi ... coz u deserve it as you are her biggest fan !!!

VijayGadwal said...

Awesome again Nishant :)
I think thats the same outfit that she wore in bangalore concert in 2009 :)

Reading these stories from you gives us a lot of hope too :D

Ashay Potnis said...

Congratulations Nishant !! I am very happy for you.. I shortly missed her at the hotel when she had come to jalgaon (maharashtra) on 29th Jan 2010... That was a very sad moment for me.... Now I stay aat Pune..I will again try to meet her when she comes to pune some day...

KIRAN RAJ S said...

Hey Nishant,

Needless to truly deserve every bit of it :) As I said before...let this silsila of meetings go on forever! And you keep on telling us about them :)God bless...

Shweta Z said...

Feels so good reading this. It comes right from the Heart - Pure . Reading it ,i could actually visualize things. Rock on Nishant ! Cheers

Shafeer Rasheed said...

u r really lucky man in dis world
bcz u cud met her somany times.
im also waiting for dat sweet moment.
i dnt whn it wud happen.
plz inform to her abt me whn u meet her nxt time

Saudi Arabia

Nishant said...