Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of the pending songs!!

Hi friends. I know you all have ben waiting long for the posts but I had some problem with the font of the blog and also exams were/are dancing on my head. So, I decided to write short reviews of pending songs instead of getting more late. I'll bold the name of the songs which according to me cannot be missed and the one in bold and italics will be even more special and I'll write big reviews of some selected songs as well!

1.Chinna Nee Nanna - A Kannada song from the movie Uyyale. Music by Rickey Raj. Its a duet of Shreya with Kunal Ganjawala. A nice usual romantic song with slight western beats

2.Nee Thandiruve - Kannada duet by Shreya and Shaan. Music by jan Varkey (never heard of him before). The song is very nice. It has a carnatic touch to it and antaras are aptly made.

3.Geleya - Again, third continuous Kannada song. Its sung by Shreya n Kunal from the movie Hori. A nice romantic song starts with a soothing tune played on Guitar, followed by Shreya's mesmerizing vocals. Though its a nice song, but like always, Shreya's vocals makes it more special.

4.Rong Diya - Its the second Assamese song of Shreya. It cannot be missed at any cost. Its from the movie Raamdhenu..Duet with Zubeen Garg and music by Jatin Sharma. The song has a complete aura of Assamese tradition no one except Shreya could justice to it. A very soothing song which will be loved by all music lovers.

5. Kaaya Vaacha - Kannada duet with LN Shastry..from the movie Olave Mandhaara. Music by Deva. A very short song, having complete Carnatic touch to the song. It hardly runs for 3 minutes and Shreya adds a special touch to the song in the last.

6. Chinna Ninna Bali Seralu - Kannada duet with Rajesh Krishnan from the movie Olave Mandhaara. A mixture of romantic and a peppy track.

7. Munpani - An amazing Tamil track by Shreya from the movie Seedan. Music by Dhina. Its having that village flavor in the song. The song may sound easy in hearing but its really difficult to sing it!

8. Mere Bacche - Aah, a great lullaby by Shreya which could make the most stressed person go in a peaceful sleep. Truly amazing! Its from the movie Satrangee Parachute.. Music by Kaushik Dutta..Its one of my most recent favorites by Shreya. What expresions she has put in the song!

9. Mehki Mehki - One of the hits of this year, sung by Shreya and Kshitij. Music by Shankar- Ehsaan - Loy. Shreya completely overshadows the male singer with her outstanding vocals. The song has latin tunes and she has completely rocked it. The song is promoted quite well.

10. Tara Tara - A Kannada song which is a huge hit in Karnataka state. Music by Arjun Janya. Its a duet by Shreya and Vijay Prakash. I recently visited Bangalore and this song was playing in each and every radio station after every single hour. The chorus part which continues in whole of the song adds new touch to the song.

11. Jhiri Jhiri - A Bangla track by Shreya and Nachiketa from the movie "Bhorer Alo". Music by Jeet Ganguly. Awesome song with a classical touch. A very soothing song. Hop you all will love it.

12. Chali Chaliga - New Telugu solo by Shreya. Its a huge hit all over Andhra and among music lovers. Music by Devi Sri Prasad. The song has a Carnatic touch and I got reminded of Enni Ashalo after hearing this track.

13. Ki Jani Ki Je Holo - A Bangla track by Shreya and Shaan from the movie Punorutthan. Music by Ravindra Jain. The song is a like a typical Ravindra Jain track, having beats like the songs from Vivah, Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, etc

14. Hey-La-Mana - A song from the movie Queens - Destiny of Dance. Its composed by Anurag Ware. Its a solo by Shreya. The trailor of the movie is not even shown once.

15. Bhishe Bhishe - A Bangla track from the movie Iti Mrinalini. Music by Debjyoti Mishra. We all are aware of the amazing songs Shreya has sung for him before. A nice track having latin touch, supported by instruments like Guitar. Shreya has completely rocked the song with her superb and versatile vocals.

16. Ajana Kono Galpo Bole - s.Again a superb track from the same movie. The instrumentation is superb. Shreya, like always have added apt emotions in the song which makes it even more special. The song sounds like the unforgettable oldies by OP Nayyar.

ps: Hope you guys will cooperate with me. I will write big reviews for the rest of the songs tomorrow because they are really special! :)

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Another malayalam song-Chembarathi kamalittu.Movie:Manikyakallu