Friday, December 12, 2008

Moda Modala

I guess the last Kannada song of Shreya was the melodious Odi Bandenu.I still cant get over with this song.I just love it.Anywayz,lets come to Shreya 's new Kannada song Moda Modala from the movie Shivamani.Its a duet between Shreya and Karthik and it has music by Veer Samarth(seems new to me).I was thrilled at the first hearing of this song.The way Shreya puts expression in every song is something which needs a big applause.This is a romantic track and seems very fresh.As i always say that i will just give u information regarding the forthcoming projects and concerts of Shreya.So,I just give u the idea of how the song is.Anywayz,Again a chartbuster!!!!!!!!!!


KIRAN RAJ S said...

Hi Nishanth,

Try this link

Nishant said...

Thanks man but I already have this song :)

mike said...

hi, can u plz give me details of shreya ghoshal forthcoming live concerts in 2009. pls can u send me a email,i will really appreciate u.i live in the azores islands.

Nishant said...

Hi dude
I'll try my best to give u the details.
Keep visiting :)