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Birthday Special Post - Journey of Shreya Ghoshal (Selected Filmography)

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal. May you keep rising and shining :)

On this day when every fan of Shreya is in a celebratory mood, I decide to write a quick filmography(with minute details of each song) of Shreya. 

Though I will not be able to write complete filmography as she has sung thousands of songs in every language, but I will try to cover her chartbusters from each year (though every song of hers is a chartbuster. Please note that I am including songs only from movies and not non album songs.

I am writing her filmography starting from 2002. I will cover her songs in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

The selected filmography is as per the list prepared by me and not Wikipedia.


- 2002 kickstarted with a voice which every music lover, every music director and every producer was eagerly waiting for. The mesmerizing voice made everyone go "Isshhh". Be it Silsila Ye Chahat Ka, Morey Piya, Bairi Piya or Dola Re Dola, every song had its own charm and people were going gaga over the new and spell bounding voice.

Along with Devdas, her two songs from the movie "Zamanat" were also released.

She also got a break in Tamil music industry by Karthik Raja in the movie "Album". Later in 2002, her first Tamil song with Ilayaraja titled "Gundu Malli" also released.

The composers in Telugu Industry like Mani Sharma, Deva, etc also became her fans. Shreya recorded two songs for Mani Sharma for the movie "Okkaddu". The super combination of Shreya - Ilayaraja also came up with their first Telugu song "Sari Sari" from the movie "


- 2003 came up with a lot of melodious songs of Shreya. Her first collaboration with Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy in the movie "Armaan". The song was "Tu Hi Bata Zindagi" and it had super high notes which was a "baaye haath ka khel" for Shreya even at that young age. Anu Malik was in awe of her voice and he came up with a lot of songs with SG in 2003, starting from Inteha, Munnabhai MBBS, Saaya (my personal favorite), LOC Kargil. Sajid - Wajid also collaborated with her in the movie "Kuch Kaha Aapne". 

What makes 2003 most special is the release of Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai and Chalo Tumko Lekar. These songs are there to entertain you forever. The amazing music of MM Kreem and scinitillating voice of Shreya induced the oomph factor in these songs and made everyone go gaga over it.

Shreya made her debut in Kannada music Industry the songs "Krishna Nee Begane" and "Rome Rome" from the movie "Paris Pranaya", with music by Prayog.

Six melodious Tamil songs of Shreya were recorded in 2003 with music directors like Karthik Raja (Oduthey Oduthey) , Ilaiyaraja (Enakku Piditha Padal and Ithayamee and Elangathu Veesuthey) and Vidyasagar (Ye Pennae) and her first song with AR Rahman (Askava from the movie Enakku 20 Unakku 18).

23+ Telugu songs of SG were released in 2003 with music directors like Koti, MM Keeravani, Chakri, Mani Sharma, etc.


- 2004 marks Shreya's first collaboration with Pritam in the movie Dhoom. The song was Shikdum, duet with Shaan. Songs like Wada Raha, Teri Baahon Mein Hum, Dil Dooba from the movie "Khakee" were also released and became instant hits. 

Shreya - Anu combo was back in 2004 with Main Hoon Na, while her first song composed by Himesh Reshammiya titled "Dil To Udne Laga" was also making waves all over. Another chartbuster of her career in 2004 was "Tumsa Nahi Dekha" where she sang six melodious songs composed by Nadeem - Shravan and not to forget, Soona Soona from Krishna Cottage!! 2004 also marks first collaboration of Shreya and Vishal - Shekhar with the song "Ek Dil Ne" from the movie "Musafir".

Other melodious songs like Tere Har Sapne Mein, Mausam Ki Izazat Hai, Woh Ho Tum, Betaab Dil Hai, Agar Dil Kahe, Guzar Na Jaaye, etc made 2004 special.

In Kannda, she recorded most of the songs for the composer "Gurukiran in 2004. The songs like Usiraguve, Munjaneya, Aha Entha were released.

In Tamil, the evergreen "Ninaithu Ninaithu" released, which also happens to be her first song composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Other Tamil songs like the very famous Onna Vida, composed by Ilayaraja released. Few other songs like Pattukulle Number, Engae Aval (Tamil version of Guzar Na Jaye) were released in 2004.


- Shreya's voice blessed 2005 with the ever melodious "Agar Tum Mil Jao" and "Jaan e Jaan" from the movie "Zeher", the national award winner "Dheere Jalna", Minnat Kare, Kangana Re, the sensuous "Saansein Madhdham Hain (Hindi version of Telugu song "Nuvve Naa Swasa".

The super melodious Piyu Bole also released in 2005 which was the first official release of Shreya - Shantanu combo (though she had recorded for Yahaan before). How can I forget the beautiful songs of Yahaan, the second official release of Shreya - Shantanu. Naam Ada Likhna became instant an instant hit. 

Songs like Jal Raha Hai Badan, Tum Paas Ho, Bolo To, Tu Kahan Kho Gaya, Mele Chaliyan, Urzu Durukut, Kasto Maza, Hui Main Parineeta, Dheere Dheere, Ek Deewani Ladki Ne, Jaan Hai, Mehbooba, God Promise Dil Dola, etc were released in 2005.

In Kannada, songs like Manasella Neene, Nann Sona Sona, Bacchiko Ninnale, etc were released.

In Tamil, lots of songs with Ilayaraja released (Antha Naal, Khajuraho, Konjum Thira, Kaatril Varum Geethamey, Poo Poothatu). Her second Tamil song with AR Rahman titled "Thazhuvudu" also released in 2005.

Tamil songs like Dhavanipotta Deepavali, Sami Kitta, Pani Thulu (all composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja) became huge hits.


- 2006 revealed some great melodious songs by Shreya - Aa Paas Aa, Ek Pal Ke Liye, Poorab Se, the immortal Leja Leja Re, the beautiful songs from the movie Aryan (Rab Ne Mere, Jaaneman, It's a beautiful day), Keh Raha Hai, the mellifluous " Tu Hai Bhatakta Jugnu Koi", songs from Krrish, "Tere Bin" from Bhagam Bhaag, "Pal Pal" from Lage Raho Munnabhai, "So Jaoon Main", the melodious songs from Vivah, the semi classical "Saara Ye Aalam" from the movie Shiva, O Sanam and Phirta Rahoon from The Killer, the romantic "Bolo Na Tum Zara", the folkish "Imaan Ka Asar, etc. 

In Tamil, the love anthem Munbe Vaa released. Shreya also got Filmfare (South) for Munbe Vaa..Other songs like Majaa Majaa, Uruguthey, En Nenjin Raagam, Iyayyo Iyayyo, Solla Varthaigal Illai, Aadhivaase Naane, etc were released.

In Kannada, the most famous "Araluthiru" from the movie "Mungaru Male" got released. Other melodious songs like Ivanu Geleyanella, Bhagyada Balegaara, Yaarivanu, etc were also released in 2006.

In Telugu, her first song with Harris Jayaraj released, titled "Sogasuchooda Tarama" and songs like Tappulu Tappulu, Nuvvele Nuvvele, Padahare, Kotha Peeli Kothuru, Vastava Naato, etc released


- 2007 started with Shreya's second Hindi song with AR Rahman, titled "Barso Re", followed by Tera Mera Milna from Aap Ka Suroor, Meri Ibtada, Kaash Ek Din, etc. Not to forget, Saansein Siskiyan from the movie "Provoked", which had music by AR Rahman

The highlight of 2007 was Saawariya and Om Shanti Om and Shreya had songs in both the movies.

One of my favorites are her songs from "Mohabattan Sachiyan", though they are Punjabi songs from a Pakistani movie, but I can't help but write about them.

We got Ye Ishq Hai, Tara Rum Pum, Cheeni Kum, Jaane Do Na, Ishq Hua, Is Pal, Mere Dholna, Chale Aao Saiyyan, Thirak Thirak, Sakhi Piya, the semi classical "Piya Bole" from the movie "Dharm", Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiya, romantic "Piya" from the movie "Big Brother"

As far as Tamil songs are concerned, 2007 kickstarted with Nannare (Tamil version of Barso Re), followed by Uyir Vazhvathey (composed by Abhishek Ray), Yaarum Thodatha Ondrai (composed by Ilayaraja), Kuyil Padum, Nenjathilae, Mudhal Mudhalaga, etc

What made 2007 more special was her Malayalam debut. She came up with an amazing song "Vidaparayukayano" from the movie "Big B". It made all the Malayalam composers to yearn to record songs with her.

In Kannada, songs like Chigurodeda, Kandukonde, Yeno Entharam, En Chanda, Ninna Ee Preethige, Chandamama Baaro, etc were released. Her first Kannada song with AR Rahman, titled "Thuru Thunthuru" also released in 2007.

Telugu had releases like Pratidinam Nee Darsanam, Ninu Vethiki, Kuyilalo (composed by Ilayaraja), telugu version of Tara Rum Pum, Prathi Kshanam, Cheppana, etc.


- 2008 started with the mesmerizing "U Me Aur Hum", solo by Shreya and composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, followed by Aahista Aashista from "Bachna Ae Haseeno", Aaja Milke, Main Chali, Aaj Main Boond Hoon, the peppy Lattoo, the mesmerizing Kaise Mujhe, the devotional "Raat Suhaani Mast Chandni", Ek Haseena Thi, songs from "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi", the chartbuster Teri Ore, Tera Woh Pyaar from "Ru Ba Ru", etc.

In Tamil, Poovinai, Kadhal Oru Kaatru, Thaiyare Thaiyya, the amazing Avaram Poovukum, etc songs were released.

In Kannada, songs like "Ninna Nodalentho" (she won Filmfare South for this song), Chinna Hele Hegurive, Matinalli Heluballenu, Jothe Jotheyalli, Nenedu (Kannada version of Ninaithu Nianithu), Hai Bhoomi, Balle Balle etc were released.

In Telugu, songs with Ilayaraja like Male Poovullo and Chandamama Rave, followed by Veerudena, Merepula (Telugu song with Vishal - Shekhar), Ninu Kori, etc were released.


- 2009 had songs like Tere Naina from Chandni Chowk To China, Kyun (Kambakkht Ishq), the semi classical Bhor Bhayo and Dolna from Morning Walk, followed by Bin Tere Mar Jawan, Aasmaan Jhuk Gaya, Kaise Jiyungi Bin Tere, Dil Leke, Bhai Re, the mellifluous sons from "The Great Indian Butterfly", Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai, Rehnuma, Ishq Hi Hai Rab, Zoobi Doobi, the songs from Radio, etc.

In Tamil, Oru Vetkam Varudhe, Un Perai Sollum (composed by GV Prakash), the super mesmerizing Mannipaaya, Aaromale (though its Tamil but it was added in Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya), Kannil Parvai, Thendralum Maruthu, the haunting Kandaen Kanmaniyae, Rayilin Padayil, Oru Killi, Devadhai Desathil, etc were relesed

In Telugu, Vaade Vaade, her first Telugu songs with Shankar Ehsaan Loy (Antha Sithanga and Aanandama), Enthaga, Inthaku Nuvvevaru, Mogindhi Jeganta, etc were released.

In Kannada, Nenedu Nenedu Nodu (Kannada version of Tamil song Ninaithu Ninaithu), Nee Sokalu, Ondu Ninna, Gelathi Neenu, O Chandamama, Balegaara, Nannanne Noduvanu, Aa Shrungara, Hoovina Badadante, Yaavudo etc were released.

In Malayalam, songs from Banaras were huge chartbusters (Chanthu Thotille and Madhuram Gayathi), Vennilave and Anuraga Vilochananayi (it was a rage all over)


- 2010 started with Pal Mein Hi, the divine Noor-e-Khuda, followed by Chori Kiya Re Jiya, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain, Bahara, Aadha Ishq, Sandesa Sandesa, the ghazal Baarhaan Dil, Tere Liye, Khuda Mere Khuda, Salaam Aaya, Aankhon Mein Neendein, Hamesha & Forever, Dabi Dabi Khwahishein, Cry Cry, the romantic O Bekhabar, Pyaar Itna Na kar, Ramji 24*7, etc.

In Tamil, songs like Kannanai Thedi Vanda, Kalvare from Raavanan, Sol Pechu (duet with KS Chitra), Yaaradi, Neeyum Naanum, Kadhal Annakkul, etc were released.

In Telugu, Eyi Raja, Dochey, Neelo Valapu (Telugu version of Kadhal Anakkul), Ishq Hai Ye, Vintunnava (Telugu version of Mannipaaya), Bahusha Vo Chanchala were released.

In Kannada, Ninnaya Nalumeya, Saniavu Illavu (Endendu), Amma Naanu, Hudugaru Beku, the immortal songs of Sanju Weds Geetha (Omme Baaro, title track and Gaganave Baagi), Ee Preethi Bandakshana, Thangaliyalli, Mella Mella Ee Preethi, Kanna Sanneyali, Inthi Nanni Preethiya, etc were released.

In Malayalam, Manju Mazha(became a huge chartbuster), Arikilumilla Nee (Ennnennum), Pattinde Palkadavil, the amazing songs from Anwar (Kizhakku Pookum and Kanninima Neele), Vidhuramee etc were released.


- 2011 started with the romantic "Teri Meri" which was a duet with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, followed by the amazing "Saathiya" from Singham, the peppy Ooh Lala, the enchanting "Zara Sa Ansuna", Sau Baar Kahe Ye Dil, Sheet Lehar, the beautiful Manwa from the movie Kashmakash, Kitne Din Beetey, the cute "Sarphira Sa Dil", the evergreen "Abhi Na Jao" from the movie "Mausam", the folkish "Lagan Lagi", with music by Amit Trivedi, Shreya's second Hindi song with Harris Jayaraj  (first was Chori Hai from Aparichit) titled "Main Chali", Raat Mujhe, Shreya's first song with Raghav Sachar titled "Gumsum", Rab Rakha, Aapka Aa Jaane Se, etc.

In Tamil, 2011 started with 5 songs of Shreya composed by Ilayaraja, 4 being from the movie "Ponnar Shankar" (BavaniVarigura, Malar Villilae, Kannai Padithaen, Thedi Vantha) and Poovakkellu, followed by Munpani, Thiranden, etc

In Telugu, 2011 started with first Telugu song of Shreya with Salim - Sulaiman, titled "Premalekha", followed by 6 songs in "Sri Rama Rajyam", which had music by Ilayaraja. Other Telugu songs of Shreya like Hey Naayak, Subhalekha Rasukunna, Dhinaku Dhin released later in 2011.

In Kannada, songs like Kaaya Vaacha, Usiro Bido, Tara Tara, Nee Mohisu (my favorite), Midiva Ninna, Maayavi, O Parijatha, Karedaaga, the masterpieee Tanmayaladenu, etc were released.

In Malayalam, 2011 started with the amazing Paatil e Paatil, Mazhathulli, followed by Kannoram Chingaram, Madhumasa Mounaragam, Chembarathi (all composed by M.Jayachandran), Aavani Thumbi (first Malayalam song with Ilayaraja), Aarezhuthi Aavo, Kaanamullal, Kannodu Kannoram, etc.


- 2012 started with Dil Ye Kyun Hai and Nagma Koi (both composed by Pritam), followed by Ishq Hothon Se, Dagabaaz Re, Mashallah, four songs in Rowdy Rathore (Chammak Challo, Tera Ishq, Chandaniya and Dhadang Dhang).

Other songs released in 2012 include the breezy Saans, sung by Shreya and Mohit, having music by AR Rahman. Its reprise version was even more enchanting. We got the cute Itti Si Hasi, the energetic Chikni Chameli, three songs in Raaz 3, Chalao Na Naino Se, Jhalla Walla, Broken Promises (Aromale), Darmiyan, Raabta, Kaun Kenda, Tere Bina, Pyaar Karna Na Tha, the devotional "Suno Suno Saaware Ki", Naina Re from Dangerous Ishq, Abhi Abhi from Jism2, Khwahishein friom Heroine, etc.

In Tamil, songs like Un Kankal, Nani Koni, Para Para, Rekkai Mulaithaen, Para Para, Sahayane, Chinna Kanniley, etc released.

In Telugu, Subhalekha Rasukunna, Sai Andre Naanu, Chitti Chitti Adugaa (Telugu version of Chinna Kanniley) and Nuvvele Nuvvele released.

In Kannada, songs like Hey Hoove, Hey Manase, Baadigege, Aalochane, Hoovina Santhenge, Gamanava, Neeli Neeli, etc released.
2012 had great Malayalam songs like Shalabhamayee and its reprise version titled Aardhramee, followed by the addictive Nilave Nilave, Kurumuzhiyude, Thoovelli Kasavull (she has sung outstanding alaaps in this song), Punjabi Prayer (Ik Onkar), Cham Cham, etc.


- 2013 had lot of beautiful songs by Shreya like Mehak Bhi (music by Amit Trivedi), Radha, Ranjha Jogi, Baadalon Ki Hai Saazish, the remake of Naino Mein Sapna and Taki O Taki, the mesmerizing Sun Raha Hai from Aashiqui 2, Banarasiya (notice the way she has sung difficult murkis with ease), the romantic Tu Hai from Besharam, 90s flavor song "Dil Ka Jo Haal", O Rangrezz having sufi touch, Pritam Dil (Pazhassi Raja with music by Ilayaraja), Khushamadeed, romantic songs from Ramaiyya Vastyavaiyya, the mesmerizing Kabhi Jo Badal Barse, two masterpieces in Ramleela (Dhoop and Nagada Sang Dhol, Samne Hai Sawera, etc)

 Tamil songs like Ammadi Ammadi, became an instant hit (music by D.Imman), followed by Yennada Yennada, En Chella Kutti, Vellicha Poove, Oru Thuli Vishamai, etc were released in 2013.

Telugu songs like Neenupudaina, Allah Allah, Pavunai Oka Pavunai, Shakila Scentu, etc were released in 2013.

Kannada songs like I Wanna Sing A Songu, Manadha Havamana, Ale Ale, O Premada Poojari, Manasagideyo, Modala Maleyanthe,  etc were released.

Malayalam songs of 2013 include Pattukondoru(music by M.Jayachandran), Manjil Mungipoggum, Oru Kaaryam, Eriveyil, Paava Njaan, etc.


- 2014 started with mellifluous Tere Naina (composed by Sajid - Wajid), followed by Drama Queen, Rumaani Sa, Tera Reham,  Sawalon and Tequila (with music by Ankit Tiwari), the mesmerizing Shamein (duet with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan), Aa Raat Bhar, the most amazing "Tu" from Bobby Jasoos.This song will always be in my playlist. Other songs like Samjhavan, Mannat, Kya Bataun, Hangover, the masterpiece "Albeliya", More Saiyyan, Zindagi Satayegi, Manwa Laage, Chaar Kadam, Nanga Punga, etc released in 2014.

2014 had Tamil songs like Kandangi Kandangi, Megathilae, Sundari Pennae, Piddikudhae, Aanazhugu (remember the hiccups?), En Kadhale, Ival Dhana, Koodha Kaathu etc.

Kannada songs like Birugaali, Punaha Punaha, Kannale, Upavasa, the 5 amazing songs from Abhinetri (Naviradha Nalume, Naa Nimma Rambhe, Thamnam Thamnam, Abhinetri Horateya and Daiva Baredha Katheyali), etc released in 2014.

Some Telugu songs like Nee Jathaga, Bhoochade, Chinni Chinni Aasalu, songs from Galipattam, Pyaar Mein Padipoyane, Hai Haigaa, etc. were releasded.

Few Malayalam songs released in 2014 are Vijanathayil, Kolussi Thenni Thenni (the most expensive Malayalam song so far), Wahida, Earan Kaatin, etc.


- I have to mention that 2015 started with the great news of Shreya getting married on February 5th!!

2015 started with "Tu Chale"(Hindi version of Tamil song Pookale Sattru, with music by AR Rahman), followed by Bulbul (music by Nitz N Sony)

Though I am not including non film songs in this article, but I am mentioning "Moovanthi Chaayum" (Ye Love Unplugged) which has released today on Shreya's birthday.

Tamil songs like Unnale, Pookale Sattru, Appappa, Kangalilae, etc have released in 2015 so far.

I am including "Athiyaithu" in Kannada songs because the movie released in 2015.

In Telugu, the telugu version of Pookale/Tu Chale has released.

We still have 9 and a half months to go and I can assure that Shreya is going to bless us with some great music this year as well :)

Once again, Many Many happy Returns of the DAY Shreya di :)

Hope you like my effort.

ps: It took me 11hours to write this article. I am writing this since yesterday (ofcourse I took long breaks in between). I had to think a lot and write. If I have done any mistake in hurry, please forgive as it was not at all easy to write all this in one day.


SG's Encyclopaedia :) :D


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I appreciate your effort and your delicated words toward this blog for shreya madam,and thank you sir for letting me know more about shreya madam career in the industry once again happy birthday shreya madam lots of love from Mauritius it's a special day along with your birthday it's our country birthday also our independence day so it's very special

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Shreyaji is kohinoor of India.

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ranjeet kumar rath said...

thanx very very for the information of our dear shreyaji.......

ranjeetkumar said...

SHREYA is the precious milestone in Indian film music.Not only her voice but even her performance presentation is stupendous...

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May Lord blesw her with more health, energy and prosperity to sing millions of songs in the years to come.
Ohio celebrates June 26th as Shreya Ghoshal day, but for me every single day is Shreya Ghoshal day.
No celebrity in the world is equal to Shreya.
Shreya is the best!