Monday, February 13, 2012

Met My God - 7

Hello friends!! I met my inspiration yesterday at the airport :)..It was sheer luck that I got to meet her this time! On 11th Feb, I was going somewhere with my parents and on the way, came a beautiful building.I was just looking at it and on some distance, saw Shreya's poster. Then I was sure that she was performing in Delhi today!!! But it was already 8 by then and entry would have also been a problem! And she tweeted about being in Delhi later. So even if she had not tweeted, I would have met her as I saw the poster..interesting na?

So, I decided to go to the airport next day. I reach there at 7:30..Waited for an hour. This Terminal -3 was soo huge! I was confused from which gate she will enter. But she finally arrived at 8:30.. She waved hands at me. I ran towards her :).. Finally the wait got over...She was very happy with my cocnentration towards spirituality. And the message/autograph she gave me on my diary made me really happy. I will cherish it forever

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