Monday, November 7, 2011

Met My God - 6

Yayyy..I met Shreya di again yesterday at the concert! (Qutub Festival)/ I was so lucky to have met her again. All is God's grace and thanks to all my well wishers.

She sang all her hits including Teri Meri and Ooh La La, She sang Barso Re, Deewangi, Jadoo Hai, Agar Tum, etc ad at the last, she sang two of the Lata Mangeshkar numbers.. i.e. Ye Zindagi and Lag Ja Gale.

Its one of the best cocnerts of Shreya I have attended so far.Thank you once again Shreya di..U Rock! :)

Your Biggest fan/Encyclopedia

Nishant :)

Btw,Hope you all are staying updated with the Twitter and Facebook fanclubs I have created! :)


KIRAN RAJ S said...

Hi Nishant,

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...happy for you :)As I said...this is just another of the many many more to come! You should have kept the post a little more detailed as to what all happened like in the previous posts...Anyways...God bless U...for being her biggest devotee...and I am sure you'll remain one for ever...

Nishant said...

Thanks dear! :)

Will tell u the detailed version on chat!

Nishant said...

And yes, I'll remain after biggest devotee forever..even after my last breath! :)

Jose said...

Hi Nishant.

I'm in Kuwait. Shreya had an event here in Kuwait back in Dec 2011. It was a fabulous show. Shreya Rocked. She is a gifted singer, no doubt about that. More than that, she is a very down to earth and simple person. We liked that very much. She was very interactive. We loved the show.

jerrin said...

dear nishand iam also a great fan of shreya g plz tell more about her may god bless u

Premnath P K said...

Shreya Ghoshal Voice is awesome