Monday, October 6, 2008

My devotion for Living Legend Shreya Ghoshal

Hello friends,Though i have been visiting many blogs of my friends(ofcourse related to Shreya Ghoshal),but this is the first I have created my own blog. I just got a thought that when i am such a big fan of Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal,then why not create a blog so that i can show my dedication towards Shreya to the whole world.
Well,Shreya is not only a playback singer for me but she is my God.I not only inspire her for her singing but also for her humbleness.I became her mad fan when i heard her voice in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas.Though i liked many singers before but after the entry of Shreya Ghoshal,I just forgot all other singers and today,my favurite singer is one and only Shreya Ghoshal.I am so proud to be her fan.Her songs is food for my life.I can live without food n water,but cant live without her songs.I hope one day Shreya wwill visit my small blog which has a big devotee of her "Nishant" in it :)

Since this is my first blog and first post ofcourse,i would like my viewers to cooperate with me and please tell me if there is many mistakes in my posts.

Die-Hard fan of Shreya Ghoshal


hardik said...

Ya dear. shreya is the best and no one can take place of her. she will make history in indian music within few days actually she has already did it by having 4 nominees in IIFA. I am very happy that u r the real fan of music bcoz nowdays people like only item songs and other cheap songs but u like real music and so u have developed this blog. I will pray that shreya will see this blog and will also post comments for u. god bless u. and thanks for this blog.

Nishant said...

Thank u so much Hardik :)